Tips for Buying a Baby stroller

Buying a Baby stroller
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Last Updated on March 9, 2021

For many people, buying a baby stroller is much like buying a car. A baby stroller is often an expensive piece of baby product, so taking the time to pick the right one is often worth it. Some of that time you spend on buying a stroller is often spent on researching what features you need, what are the difference between the various models or even taking a few of them for a test drive.

If you buy one online, the last part probably isn’t relevant, but if you buy it in a shop, you really should try out a few to get a feel of how they are performing. It’s important that you find a stroller that is easy to use as a parent, but also one that keeps your baby comfortable and safe. Some of the more popular brands in strollers are:

  • Mountain Buggy
  • Bugaboo
  • Teutonia
  • Baby Klapvogn
  • City Elite
  • Bumbleride

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Things to consider when buying a baby stroller

Some of the first things you should do before just rushing out and buy one should be to consider the following questions:

  • Which of the parents will mostly be using the stroller?
  • How will you be using it? For short trips, long trips and in what type of environment?
  • In which types of weather will you mostly be using it in?
  • Do you require additional storage space when having the stroller in your home or car?
  • What is the weight limit it can handle?
  • Do you need to be able to fold it up with just one hand?
  • Which additional features do you require, for instance, a drink holder, extra storage facilities, a window in the canopy or adjustable handlebar?
  • For how long will you most likely be using a stroller?
  • What is your maximum budget?

When looking at different types of strollers and various brands, keep these questions in mind, so that you choose the perfect baby stroller for your needs and one that fits your parenting lifestyle.

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A few things to consider when buying a stroller for your baby

There are many things to consider when trying to find the right type of scrollers, so let’s take a look at the more common types.

Types of Strollers

Of course, the very first thing you need to have in mind when buying one depends on how many children you need to use it for. Should it be a twin stroller or just one for one child? Which of the extra features are really necessary, how much should it cost? Let’s take a look at some of the most common baby stroller types and the things that are good or bad about each model.

The standard normal-sized stroller

A normal standard-sized stroller is often larger and more durable than most other types of strollers. This also means that they are bulkier and can be harder to maneuver around. This type of stroller does usually has a padded seat that reclines and a good amount of storage space beneath the comfortable stroller. Most of them let the child sit face forward, but there are some models where the child sits with his or her face against you, and some models can even be configured to work both ways.

Many of these types of strollers have a lot of extra equipment and nice to have features, like extra storage space, adjustable handlebar, etc. One of my favorite standard strollers is the Bumbleride Indie which offers really good quality for the price. I bought my last one online from BabyLux.

Umbrella Strollers (also known as Lightweight strollers)

The name Umbrella Stroller comes from its lightweight and because it’s very portable and easy to travel around with. The typical weight less than 15 pounds and are easy to carry, drive and fold together when not in use. They are often really cheap, but you don’t get a lot of space for storage, they aren’t as robust as a standard stroller and you won’t find all the nice extra features standard baby strollers have. They also aren’t quite as comfy for the child to sit in, as a normal one. A good choice for an affordable umbrella Stroller is the Baby Klapvogn.

Running/Jogging Strollers

These type of baby strollers often have very solid tires and a very lightweight frame. Because of this a typical jogging stroller are a great choice for the active parents and will provide a smooth ride for both parent and child. They often have a decent amount of storage, most have adjustable reclining seats and some are even compatible with car seats.

The bad part about a jogging stroller is that they are often pretty bulky, which means they can be a bit tricky to move around in stores, busses and such. They also take up a lot of space even when folded up. So unless you are the type of parent who normally runs a lot, this isn’t the ideal choice for most parents.

Car Seat Carriers

These simple strollers, often have a very basic frame which can hold your infant’s car seat, and also a car seat of your choice. The good thing is that they don’t cost a lot, are very easy to use and you don’t have to take a sleeping child up from the seat, you just take the whole seat with the child and place it on the frame. This is often a good choice for the infant and small children, but they will soon outgrow this type of stroller and you will have to replace it with a larger model.

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Double Strollers/Twin Stroller

If you got twins or siblings very close to each other in age, this is the only choice that makes any sense. You have the option to get a tandem stroller, which is a model with just one seat in front of another one, or a model with side-by-side seat stroller. The first choice can lack legroom for the baby in the back, but the side-by-side can be hard to get through small doors or maneuver around in small places.

Pro tip: When you are buying a baby stroller, you should consider selecting a lightweight and reversible option.


As you can see selecting the best baby stroller for your needs isn’t as simple as buying a cradle or baby bed. There are so many models and options to consider that it can be quite the job. Hopefully, this article here has made the whole process a bit more simple and thought you what to look for when buying your next stroller for your child. My choice in most cases is the Bumbleride indie, which I have been very pleased with so far.


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