Stickipiggis Sending Sock Adhesives

Stickipiggi’s Sending Sock Adhesives To Royals

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markel and Duke of Sussex Prince Harry brought baby Archie into the world this year, and with the birth of Master Archie, they are now one big happy royal family. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who was born in May this year, is the son of Duke and Duchess of Sussex and great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

Recently Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex is reported to have said, ‘He is getting so big’ when he was asked by a student how the newly born prince is. With numerous engagements and public meetings, the great-grandson of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has accompanied his parents through every trip. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who is now on a trip to Africa, are accompanied by the little prince as well.

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Considering the frequent foreign travels, that are a part of the royal lifestyle Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markel knows how hard it is to create a balance between motherhood and her responsibilities as a Duchess. We believe that with her growing responsibilities, it must be hard to take care of baby Archie’s shoe and sock issues that he might have during travel while kicking off footwear while playing with his feet.

A Little about StickiPiggis

Thereby, Dadpreneur John Antunes has decided to send a pair of sticky adhesive stickers by StickiPiggi’s to the Royals. He is confident that these adhesive stickers are going to help baby Archie maintain his look for the day without ever throwing off his shoes and having his mother find them for him.

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World’s First Adhesive Stickers to Keep Shoes On

StickiPiggi’s are the only and the first producer of a double-sided adhesive anchor, dedicated to the infant shoe issue all parents have which are made from non-toxic material to provide young babies a secure and comfortable experience and their parents a moment of relief. Dadpreneur John worked hard along with his wife to come up with the right kind of material for these adhesives, ensuring that they stuck to the socks and shoes of children perfectly, and ensured strong bonding because when it comes to babies, Bonding is Everything.

No More Looking For the Shoes

All you have to do is put on the sticker under your child’s socks and put on their shoes – the rest is history. You no longer have to worry about children losing your shoes because our strong adhesive is making sure that your baby, 0-6-month-old, doesn’t succeed in kicking off their shoes no matter how hard they try.

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Don’t Worry They Won’t Stay On Forever

These adhesives are disposable and meant to be used once and come with 6 pairs per pack. All you have to do is peel them off before washing and reapply new adhesives when needed. StickPiggi’s sells two distinct adhesives that are designed to look like pig’s head; they are available in pink and blue colors with no gender labels, so anyone can choose their favorite color. No more running around without shoes, and no more losing your newly bought shoes. StickiPiggi’s, for simpler times ahead.


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