Quilt Backing Fabric

Best Tips For Choosing Quilt Backing Fabric

So, you have completed your quilt top and now what is remaining is your quilt lining? You will need to choose a quilt back to have a completely done quilt. A quilt back is the back layer or reverse side of your quilt. When selecting a quilt back fabric, some people will choose an inexpensive material. As long as the structure is of good quality, there is no problem. The last thing you want is the back of your quilt to wear out before the top.

So, here are some of the best tips for choosing quilt backing fabric.

Consider the Quilt Usage

The usages of your quilt will the quilt backing fabric you choose. If a quilt will be used outside or will be thrown on the floor, it is advisable to choose a fabric that has busier prints. This will help to disguise any stains or marks on the quilt. Look for a large scale print that is floral and busy.

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Thread Color

Considering what thread colors will be used for your quilt back will help you choose the right fabric. The thread color used at the top of your quilt should be the same as the one sued at the bottom side. This helps in reducing the chances of seeing a different thread color on the opposite side.

Piecing VS Wideback

Pieced quilt baking is when you need to piece fabric together to bring it to the right size for your quilt. Usually, this happens when you use a 44-inch material, and your quilt is larger than that. You will require piecing it. The standard 44 inches fabric has a wide variety of print options to choose from. Piecing is also more expensive as it requires buying more yard and seam up.


On the other hand, wideback fabrics are bigger, with a varying width of 90 inches to 108 inches. Using it eliminates the need to piece. However, widebacks come in a limited selection of prints and colors though providing a smooth ad seam-free backing. Depending on your needs, you can select between the two fabrics.

Direction of Prints

It is good to be mindful of the direction of your backing fabric prints. For pieced fabric, you have to be very careful so that you ensure the print is going on the direction you want.

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Choose A Fabric With Solid Colors

Solid colors make significant quilt backing because you can enhance your favorite color in the quilt and also show off the quilting lines.

Backing fabric should be made of 100% cotton and should be of similar weight and feel to the material on the top. These tips will help you choose the best quilt baking fabric.


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