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Personalised Teddies – Newborn Baby Gift

It can be a difficult task searching for the perfect gift for a newborn. There are always chances that the parents would have bought all the necessities beforehand.

Also, if you were to choose baby clothes, the mother may not like your fashion taste. To present that unique gift that would be appreciated by the parents, personalised teddy bears are a great choice. These are the reasons you should get a
personalised teddies for a newborn and some considerations to make:

#1. They are Unique

Anyone can walk into a gift shop and just pick a teddy bear off the shelf. It is a gift but not one that comes with intentional effort. When you choose a personalised teddy bear for a newborn, you can easily use themes and sayings that are special to the parents. They would be so delighted to know you had a personal thought in mind for them.

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#2. They are Trendy

The teddy bears are made in line with kiddies trends such as characters in popular TV cartoon shows and are baby friendly. You would be able to choose from a variety and you might just end up with buying two teddies instead of the planned one because they are all pretty.

#3. Safe for Babies

Newborns are delicate beings and it is normal for parents to be overprotective of them. Thus, you don’t want to buy a cuddly present that can pose an allergen risk for the baby. This aspect is held in importance that why the personalised teddy bears are all made from safe non-allergic materials.

#4. They are Washable

Another high priority on a new parents list is keeping germs away from their newborn. Hence, having a cuddly toy that can’t be cleaned easily is not acceptable. The teddies come with removable pods that make it easy to wash and dry.

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#5. Large Variety

They are called teddy bears but that does not mean the toys are all bears. There are a variety of animals to choose from and they are all so cute. You can choose from the custom designs or order for a new design to be made for you.

You should get that cute cuddly toy for your sibling’s or friend’s newborn and they would thank you forever. The newbornwill grow to love the toy and be attached to it.

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