Personalised Teddy Bear

Unique Ideas for Personalised Teddy Bears

Whether you are looking to order a personalised teddy bear for your kid or gift it to your loved one on Valentine, their birthday or anniversary, you will need to have specific unique ideas to make that personalised teddy bear very special to them.

When you are ordering the teddy, you would be asked to pick either from the already personalised ones or make a particular request for customization. Here are some great ideas on how to create a wonderfully personalised teddy bear:

Choose a Teddy Character

Since there are many types of animals that can be made in teddies, you should find out the gift recipient’s favorite animal. You can have a dog, cat, mouse, kangaroo and more as amazing choices.

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Use a Leather Tag

There is nothing as thrilling as knowing that a gift was made with only you in mind. Thus, the simplest way to personalise a teddy bear is to include a leather tag on it. You can write a person’s name or a name that signifies something special to you or both of you. The leather tag can be attached to the front or back of the teddy.

Making Use of Embroidery

Embroidery is a beautiful art that looks really nice on teddy bears. You can choose the colour of the thread to be used and the style. You can embroider the name of the person or their initials on the teddy or a special date like their birthday on the paw or underside of the teddy.

Use a Memorable Material

While normal fabrics are not used to make the teddy itself, you can get to make multiple dresses for the teddy using regular material. It might be great to use clothes of a loved one who has passed to make the teddy’s cloth so that it can be a source of comfort to their loved one who receives the gift.

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Looking up Teddy Pictures

If you are still confused about the kind of personalised teddy bear you would like, you can look up pictures of ready-made ones and combine some of the features. Remember, that less is more and try not to pack too many details into one teddy. This might make it look too busy and unappealing.

It should be a fun activity to personalise teddy bears and you might just discover your creative side during the process.

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