Things You Need to Know About Sewing Machine Bobbins

One of the first steps you take towards getting to know your sewing machine better starts with developing the perfect knowledge of the bobbins and the value they hold.

Below are the most important things you need to know about sewing machine bobbins.

1. You Should Always Wind The Bobbins

Winding your bobbins is just a part of the job of sewing. Make sure to properly wind the bobbins for maintaining the correct tension of the machine.

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2. You Shouldn’t Put Your Bobbin In Backwards

Bobbin requires to be inserted for spinning the correct direction for a machine.

If you are not sure about which direction a bobbin needs to spin in the machine, you can rely on a picture of your sewing machine to remind you.

3. Don’t Leave Thread Tails Behind

When thread tails stick up through the hole, it interferes with the formation of the stitch.

So always make sure to cut the tail off for a thread to keep riding smoothly across the top of your bobbin.

4. Metal And Plastic Bobbins Are Not Interchangeable

You can’t swap metal bobbins and plastic bobbins even if they are the same size due to a machine being set for a precise tension setting. So if your machine is set for a lighter plastic bobbin and you decide to use a heavy metal bobbin, the tension will change which will be harmful to the machine.

5. Not All Sewing Machines Use The Same Bobbin

It’s of crucial importance to only use the bobbins that are designed specifically for your machine. If you are not sure which bobbins your machine requires, you can figure it out by checking your owner’s manual or paying a visit to your local sewing machine store for assistance.

6. Always Needing Much More Sewing Machine Bobbins Than You Realize

People often underestimate the necessary number of bobbins they need and end up buying an insufficient number of them.

To avoid this issue, purchase a pack of bobbins each time you visit the store.

And if you own more than one machine, remember you’ll be needing even more.

When it comes to sewing machines and their efficiency, there are three notable models worth mentioning which are:

Brother SE400 Vs SE600 Vs SE625

These trio brothers’ models come with a different and unique set of features worth mentioning.

Embroidery Designs

SE400 comes with 70 built-in embroidery design, the SE600 with 80 built-in embroidery design, and finally, SE625 with 80 in-built embroidery design with an addition of 200 designs on CD, resulting in 280 embroidery designs.

LCD Touchscreen

SE600 and SE625 come with full-color touchscreens while SE400 comes with a monochrome screen.

Embroidery Letterings

SE600 and SE625 possess the same amount of lettering while SE400 has a 00101mu0ch lesser number of letterings.

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In-built Stitches

Both SE600 and SE625 come with 103 in-built stitches while the SE400 comes with 67 in-built stitches.


SE625 is the heaviest of the three, followed by the SE400 which stands in between, and finally, SE600 which is the lightest of them.

Which One Should You Buy?

The choice fully depends on your preferences and needs.

You probably noticed that the differences in prices and features are not huge. However, if you want to go for the relatively cheaper one, choose SE400. But if you decide that the extra cash is worth spending, go for either SE600 or SE625.

If you consider having a machine with more designs, then definitely go for the SE625 since it is the one that has more designs on the CD than the other two. However, if you are okay with using the same designs, then you can opt for the SE600.

In short, all of the three machines are efficient with only slight differences in features and not the performance. So if you carefully consider and weigh your options, that variance should not pose as an issue.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, bobbins are an essential element for your sewing machine to keep working efficiently, meaning they require proper care and attention. So if you wish to keep your machine in its best possible condition, ensure that the bobbins are always in good shape and properly cared for so your sewing machine can keep its glory and effectiveness on a long run.


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