Social Manners for Children

Social Manners for Children

Last Updated on April 1, 2019

Hanna and I went to our first tea party together at the Mini-Me Tea Party hosted by Silayan Filipina.  I was excited about this event and looked forward to getting dressed up and taking Hanna to this tea party event.  Hanna tasted the sweet strawberries, ham and cucumber sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, and tomato soup and butter biscuits with her iced tea.

They were delectable foods and wonderful desserts set on the magnificently decorated table.  While the highlight of the event was the elegant tea party, the little girls also partook in an etiquette review on social manners for children, a mini-me photoshoot and a mini fashion show.

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Hanna learned much about social manners for children which I think is important to learn to begin at a young age.  When you learn about social manners, you come across as respectful and considerate of others.  When you show respect to people, often they will try to respect you in return.

Also, everyone tends to get along better.  When being respectful, a person is treated as someone valued and given a sense of proper fairness, courtesy, and respect.  Silayan Filipina shared these top ten tips on social manners for children at the tea party luncheon with the girls:

Say “please” when asking – this is important otherwise a person may feel that the person is placing a demand on them which isn’t nice to do during a pleasant exchange.

Say “thank you” when receiving – this shows that you appreciate the other person and their present to you. I believe you can never say too many thank you’s to people.

Say “excuse me” when bumping into someone – saying this will ease tension or other people who were bumped might take serious offense .5/7/2017 Chula Vista, CA.

Put down your electronics, when someone enters the room – at this day and age, technology seems all too prevalent, but it should take a back seat when interacting and acknowledging another person who is deserving of attention.

Look people in the eye when speaking – eye contact is key to active engagement and also taking social cues from the other person. Eye contact is important to see if the other person is listening and understanding what you said.  Active listening is something everybody should practice.

Good Manners for Children

Let others finish before you speak – this gives the other person a chance to fully express themselves and make their words, intentions, needs, idea, and etc clearly understood. Cutting off in mid-sentence is not active listening nor is it a mutual or complete interaction.

Shake hands firmly – making a good first impression is important and shaking hands extends warmth and friendliness to all you meet.

Say “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir” when talking to grownups – showing respect to adults is important because you are acknowledging and showing respect for their age and experience.

Greet people with “Hi” and “How are you?” – These are simple pleasantries in conversation and initiates social interaction.

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Open doors for others – this action shows respect and consideration for another person especially to those that may need extra help such as disabled people, the elderly and parents with young children.

Tea parties are all about having fun, enjoying good food/drinks, enjoying each other’s company and practicing niceties.  The top 10 list of social manners is a valuable lesson in social etiquette that all young girls (and boys) should heed.

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