How to Choose a Footrest High Chair For Kids?

How to Choose a Footrest High Chair For Kids

Last Updated on October 14, 2023

Kids need proper support to eat well and stay at the table during meals. Also, as an infant, the best high chair support can make a massive difference in your child’s eating time.

I have invested years attempting different methods to provide my children with the support they need at dish time. I have done this during various stages of their lives and am sharing that with you today!

When you google to find a high chair for infants, you get different types of chairs here. Keep checking out to locate out what you require to know around high chairs and exactly how to aid your kinds flourish in them!

Right here is my ultimate guide to why high chair footrests promote the most effective eating solutions for children of all ages.

How to Choose Your Kids First High Chair with a Footrest?

Supportive Seat

Her seat needs to be flat (not a rounded pail seat where the kid’s bum is less than her knees) as well as should have support under the upper legs, meaning the seat should support the infant from bum to knee.

A baby ought to rest with an upright stance, not a hunched over or tumbling ahead pose.

Her hips must flex at a 90-degree angle, knees need to ideally flex at the edge of the seat and suspend at a 90-degree angle, and ankle joints should bend at a 90 level angle with feet supported. This is the 90-90-90 regulation I refer to in the future.

Highchairs With Footrest

Footrests are very much important and also essential elements for baby highchairs. As soon as your baby is strong enough to sit in the highchair; you need to guarantee their feet are supported.

In some cases, the high chair footrest doesn’t reach your child’s feet yet– no problem. Possibly you have a high chair without a great footrest. You can make one by wrapping something around the legs where your child’s feet can rest pleasantly.

Here is the recommended Ikea Antilop Highchair Footrest for your kid’s with adjustable footrest compatibility.

Ikea Antilop Highchair Footrest

Feet and Ankle Positioning

Now, we get to the component where most high chairs have no place for kids to rest their feet. In one more adult example, claim you’re resting at a bar with a chair that is bar height.

No one likes feet simply dangling! All of us will seek security for our bodies through our feet. Whether we cross them, prop them on a chair sounded or the back of the bench, we do whatever we can to make ourselves feel stable.

Final Word

This is exactly what kids are doing when they put their feet in places, so they aren’t simply hanging—some children and also young children much more so than others. I believe we can all agree that we want our children to be comfortable while they’re learning to eat and supply them with the ideal experience we can.

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