Different Types of Bibs for a Baby

Different Types of Bibs for a Baby

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Last Updated on February 4, 2021 by Emma White

Baby bibs will save your child’s clothes from getting dirty while they are eating. They also prevent your baby’s clothes from getting wet especially, for babies who drool a lot. You will not have to change your baby’s clothes after every meal since they will remain clean with baby bibs.

There are many baby bibs in the market with all kinds of materials. They help to prevent the baby from damaging their outfits with food during mealtime. Apart from mealtime, bibs are great for other messy kids’ activities.

Thus, there are different types of bibs for children, and they include:

Newborn Bibs

A bib is necessarily even for babies who are not eating solid food yet. A newborn bib will help keep dribbled breastmilk or formula off your little one’s clothes while feeding. The bibs will also help to sop up the spit-up that comes after breastfeeding the baby.

Babies between the age of 0-3 months tend to spit-up regularly. This happens when they drink milk too fast. When your newborn baby wears a bib, you don’t have to change their clothes often after every feeding.

The bib will prevent the clothes from soaking wet as it will catch the spit-up and prevent them from reaching the baby’s clothes.

bibs for a baby

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Dribble Bibs

These are the bibs for a baby to use while nursing or feeding your baby with a bottle. They help to keep the baby neat and tidy by preventing large spills and minor burps from getting to your baby’s clothes.

Most dribble bibs are made from cotton or any other absorbent material to soak up the baby’s drool so that it does not make your baby’s clothes wet.

These bibs are also comfortable enough for the baby to wear around the house. They will collect the drool and keep the baby’s clothes cleaner for hours. Thus, you will not change their clothes often, and you will not have to do more laundry.


Feeding Bibs

When your baby starts feeding on solid baby food, it will be messier for their clothes. Thats where feeding bibs come in place. Unlike other bibs, feeding bibs come with a bottom pocket that catches both liquified and solid foods.

They protect your floor from getting dirty and the clothes of your baby. Most feeding bibs are made with silicone, plastic, or rubber material, making them very easy to clean.

Apart from using them while feeding the baby, they are great for other messy activities that can make your baby’s clothes dirty. This includes things like clay modeling or painting.

Teething Bibs

When babies start teething, some start to drool a lot. Using a lightweight teething bib during this period will help their clothes from getting soaked with spit.

Drool not only makes your baby’s cloth wet but also causes irritation to the skin underneath. Bandana bibs will help keep teething baby’s dry, and you will not have to change their clothes often.

With these many types of bibs for babies, you can always keep your baby’s clothes clean even during feeding time. They are a lifesaver especially, for babies who drool a lot. You don’t have to change your baby’s clothes often, and you will keep them clean and dry. Also, the bibs are easy to clean.

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