Why It Is A Good Ideato Have A Toddler Bed?

Why It is A Good Ideato Have A Toddler Bed

Last Updated on May 26, 2022

Watching your baby grow is one of the best things in the world. With growing up though, comes “grown-up problems” and the biggest one of these problems is sleeping arrangements. As your baby grows, you will not be able to sleep with them, and they also will not fit in their bassinet or crib. This s a huge problem. The question is how do you get around it? Well, it is simple, get a toddler bed.

Why You Need A Toddler Bed

As your baby transitions from being a baby into being a toddler, sleeping arrangements must change. The best option that you have in this regard is a toddler bed and here is why:

Takes Up Very Little Space

The last thing that you would want especially for a toddler is a bed that fills up the whole room. Kids love to play, you must create space for that, especially in their room. Toddler beds are smaller than regular beds and you can get custom-sized toddler beds. This is especially important for people that live in studio apartments.

Toddler-Centric Designs

One thing about toddler beds is that they come with amazing designs. If your toddler likes the Avengers, there is an Avengers-themed toddler bed. If your toddler loves soccer, there are soccer-themed toddler beds as well. Toddler beds are short to avoid high falls.

They also come with a reinforced base because we know for sure, that your sweet toddler will be jumping in that bed no matter how times you tell them not to. Most toddler beds also come with side guards to prevent falls. If you were worried about safety, a toddler bed will put all those worries to rest.

You Can Use Your Old Mattress

If your baby was using a crib, we have good news. You can use your crib mattress for your toddler bed. This means that you get to save hundreds of dollars on a mattress and since your baby was using that mattress, they will adjust quite comfortably to the new set-up.

Kids hate change and using the old bedding can help in “making unfamiliar territory” quite familiar. We recommend you use the old mattress. If it does not fit on the new bed, we recommend you use the bedding you were using with the crib.

When Can You Child Transition To A Toddler Bed

For other children, the transition can be as early as eighteen months, for others the transition can take as long as four years. The fact of the matter though is that there is no concrete age for the transition It all comes down to the parent and the child.

If you feel your child is not ready for the switch, you can put it on hold until you feel they are ready. This means that the decision to switch is up to the parent. Be sure to decide that both you and your child will be comfortable.

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