5 Self-Care Activities That Moms Can do on a Budget

5 Self-Care Activities That Moms Can do on a Budget

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Last Updated on May 22, 2022 by Emma White

Self-care can be one part of life that takes a hit when women first become mothers. Lengthy makeup sessions and involved hairstyles that take up time, effort and money can quickly be lost to the demands of caring for a new baby.

In fact, 68% of mothers in an All Things Hair survey reported that their self-care routines have shifted since becoming moms. However, not looking your best can be an instant way to feel like you’re not keeping up on yourself, so below are five easy self-care tips that don’t take a ton of time or money.

1. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver

Showers can take more time out of the day than can be afforded when moms are trying to get the kids fed in the morning or off to school. So dry shampoo can actually help on those days when a shower just isn’t in the cards.

It’s not recommended to use on more than two consecutive days but can be majorly helpful from time to time. (For those who haven’t tried dry shampoo, it’s a powder or aerosol you rub into your hair that absorbs excess oil. Easy!)

2. Opt for hairstyles that can grow out

Sometimes, moms on a budget can’t make it to the salon as often as they might like. Going to a salon now requires finding a babysitter, so it can be harder to schedule as well as afford. That’s why it can be helpful to plan styles that can go a little longer between salon visits, meaning moms are going to the salon less over the course of the year, which saves time and money. 

One example of a hairstyle that can be left to grow out is the balayage style, which is a type of dye job that colors the hair in gradients down the strand, leaving some room for the roots.

Those roots can grow more, while the style is more forgiving for longer periods between salon visits. Similarly, long hairstyles can also go longer between cuts than shorter styles.

3. Find easy hairstyles

Along similar lines, moms might look into finding the no-fuss hairstyles that don’t require much in terms of styling products or techniques. A simple high ponytail can look sporty and fun, as can a messy bun or a simple, single braid in the hair.

Moms can still have fun with their hair, but there’s a wide world of styles out there that don’t need perms, heat tools or gallons of styling gel. 

4. Go natural

Moms might also look for styles that accentuate their natural beauty. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a natural hair color to reduce time and money spent on haircare. Moms could also choose styles that accentuate their natural facial features with minimal makeup or keep their hair its natural texture. 

5. Find multitasking products

Multitasking products can be a big help when you’re on a budget. A two-in-one conditioner and shampoo is often less expensive than buying both separately. Certain makeup products can also save time by combining steps, like foundations and concealers. 

Getting creative with self-care can still help it fit into the busy life of being a mom, while staying on budget.

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