What Do Baby Raccoons Sound Like

What Do Baby Raccoons Sound Like?

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The cry of a baby raccoon is high-pitched and sounds similar to a bird call. When scared, adult raccoons will make a loud “snarling” sound.

If you’ve ever heard a baby raccoon, you know they make the cutest little chirping noises. It’s almost like they’re trying to talk to you! Baby raccoons are very vocal creatures and will often make sounds to communicate with their mothers.

Sometimes, however, baby raccoons can be quite noisy when they’re scared or upset. If you hear a lot of loud screeching, it’s probably best to leave the area quickly so as not to startle them further.

What Do Baby Raccoons Sound Like?

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What Kind of Noise Do Baby Racoons Make?

If you’ve ever heard a baby raccoon, also called a kit, you know they can be quite vocal. Raccoons are very vocal animals in general actually, and make over 20 different sounds. But kits tend to be the noisiest of the bunch because they’re constantly communicating with their mothers.

Most of the time, baby raccoons will make a sound called “chittering.” This is a high-pitched noise that sounds sort of like birds chirping. It’s used as a way to keep in contact with their mother or other members of their group.

Baby raccoons also use chittering to show excitement or fear, and sometimes to beg for food. Another common noise made by baby raccoons is called “purring.” This sound is similar to the purring of a cat, and is usually made when the kit is content or happy.

Kits also grunt and snuffle when they’re playing or exploring new things. And like any baby animal, they cry when they’re hungry, scared, or hurt. So if you hear some strange noises coming from your attic at night, there’s a good chance it’s just a family of raccoons trying to communicate with each other.

But if the noise is accompanied by scratching or thumping around, it could be something else entirely. If you’re not sure what’s making the noise, it’s always best to call an expert to investigate further!

What Does a Newborn Baby Racoon Sound Like?

If you’re lucky enough to hear a newborn raccoon, it’s a sound you won’t soon forget. These little guys have high-pitched cries that will make your heart melt. It’s important to note that if you find a baby raccoon, it’s best not to handle it.

These animals can carry diseases and parasites that are harmful to humans. If you’re concerned about the animal, call your local wildlife rehabilitation center for assistance.

What Does a Baby Raccoon Sound Like at Night?

If you’re lucky enough to hear a baby raccoon at night, it’s a magical experience. These nocturnal creatures are relatively quiet, but when they vocalize it’s often a high-pitched chirp or twitter. Sometimes baby raccoons will also make a soft “purring” noise that sounds similar to a cat.

If you’re hearing multiple raccoons vocalizing together, it’s likely that you’re listening to a mother and her cubs.

How Old are Baby Raccoons When They Start Making Noise?

Most baby raccoons start making noise when they are around 3 months old. By this age, they are able to produce sounds that are similar to adult raccoons. These sounds include growls, screams, and chattering noises.

Cool facts about baby raccoons and baby raccoon sounds.

What Sound Does a Raccoon Make at Night

As you might expect, raccoons make a variety of sounds. These nocturnal creatures are most vocal at night, when they’re looking for mates or communicating with their young. Raccoons have been known to make more than 200 sounds, including purrs, whimpers, growls, snarls, hisses, and screams.

One of the most common sounds raccoons make is a loud “chittering” noise that resembles the sound of a bird chirping. This sound is usually made when a raccoon is excited or alarmed. Raccoons also commonly communicate with each other by making soft clicking or grunting noises.

If you live in an area where raccoons are present, you may occasionally hear these animals fighting or mating. Male raccoons will sometimes “scream” while wrestling with each other during disputes over territory or mates. Meanwhile, female raccoons can be quite vocal during mating season; they often emit loud squeals and cries as part of their courtship ritual.


If you’ve ever been walking through the woods and heard a high-pitched, almost bird-like sound, it was probably a baby raccoon. Baby raccoons are born deaf and blind, so their vocalizations are their only way of communicating with their mother. Once they open their eyes at around three weeks old, they start to explore their surroundings and learn to climb.

At this point, they also start to eat solid food and wean off of their mother’s milk. Baby raccoons are incredibly cute, but if you find one in the wild it’s best to leave it be.