What Do Baby Elephants Eat?

What Do Baby Elephants Eat

Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Baby elephants are still dependent on their mother’s milk for sustenance. However, as they begin to explore their surroundings and develop their sense of smell, taste, and touch, they also start to nibble on solid foods. At first, these solid foods are mainly things like twigs, bark, and leaves.

But as they get older and their teeth continue to grow and strengthen, they gradually add more tough plant matter to their diet including grasses, small branches, and fruit.

If you’re wondering what baby elephants eat, the answer is a lot! Baby elephants are born weighing around 200 pounds and they can grow up to be 12,000 pounds as adults. That’s a lot of food!

A baby elephant’s diet consists mostly of their mother’s milk for the first six months of life. After that, they start to eat solid food like leaves, branches, and bark. As they get older, their diet becomes more varied and includes fruits, vegetables, grasses, and even small amounts of meat.

No matter what they’re eating though, baby elephants always have a big appetite!

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What are Elephants Favorite Food?

Elephants are herbivores, which means their favorite food is plants! They eat mostly grasses, but also leaves, bamboo, bark, and roots. Elephants need to eat a lot because they have very large bodies.

A full-grown elephant can eat up to 300 pounds of food in a single day!

How Much Does a Baby Elephant Eat a Day?

A baby elephant will drink about 10% of its body weight in milk each day. So, if a baby elephant weighs 100 lbs, it will drink about 10 lbs of milk each day.

What is Baby Elephant Called?

A baby elephant is called a calf. The word “calf” comes from the Old English word for “young animal”. A newborn elephant is about the size of a human adult and weighs between 200 and 300 pounds.

It takes a while for an elephant to learn how to use its trunk, so in the meantime, it drinks milk from its mother’s teat.

What are 5 Interesting Facts About Baby Elephants?

1. Baby elephants are born weighing around 200 pounds and are about 3 feet tall. 2. They will drink up to 50 gallons of milk a day. 3. They have thin, sensitive skin which is why they like to mud baths.

4. Their trunk has more than 40,000 muscles in it! 5. They are very social creatures and live in herds with their families.

What Do Baby Elephants Eat?

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Where Do Baby Elephants Live

Do you want to know where baby elephants live? Well, read on to find out! Baby elephants are born in Africa and they spend the first few years of their lives there.

They live in herds with other elephants and they learn how to socialize and communicate with each other. They also learn important survival skills from their elders. As they grow older, some elephant families will migrate to other parts of Africa in search of food and water.

But no matter where they go, family is always important to elephants. So, even when they leave their home herd, baby elephants always stay close to their mothers.


Baby elephants are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. The diet of a baby elephant consists of their mother’s milk for the first six to twelve months of their life. After that, they start to eat solid food, but they continue to drink their mother’s milk until they are two to three years old.

The solid food that baby elephants eat includes things like leaves, twigs, grass, and fruit.

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