Don’t Lose Friends, We Just Find the Real Ones

We Don’t Lose Friends, We Just Find the Real Ones

I often wonder if I have poor judgments when it comes to friends. We have those friends that we have known since school, those we have met through our children, friends we met online, those we met through work or friends we have met through friends.

We have those that know our deepest darkest secrets and those that don’t really know us at all.

People change, lives move on, can we really maintain even a single friendship from our childhood through to our adult or even senior years?

I have lost many friends along my life’s path, not from choice but from distance, circumstances out of my control or those that just stop contacting us.

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I often feel very sad and lonely.

Am I really that bad; is my life that is so perfect for me dull for everyone else?

Being a mum can be lonely.

I sit and ask myself if I’m the only one, am there others out there like me whose circle of friends has just become smaller and smaller, even non-existent.

I never realized just how isolated I would become having my child, priorities change, spare time becomes hard to find and a social life is almost impossible to juggle.

I used to think I had quite a nice circle of friends, those I would go out with, dancing, cinema, and meals out.

But were they really my friends, did they even know me?

Whatever happened to that best friend we had in school, the one person we would spend all our spare time with, the one we shared everything with and were more like family.

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Did I imagine that?

Surely not, so why is it now so far off, will we ever experience that bond ever again? All I know is that I’m lucky to have a few friends that make the effort with both me and my daughter, they are very much appreciated and loved, but it still saddens me to say, that not one still really knows me.

I lost most of my so called ‘friends’ due to reasons out of my control and those that were willing to wait did.

I now find my social fix from a wonderful group full of ladies on a secure social mums group run by Emma, and have become closer to most of these ladies over the past year than I have been to anyone in a long time.

I’m only sorry I don’t live closer to some of them.

My experience has taught me one thing – We don’t lose friends, we just figure out who our real ones are.

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