Secrets for Hosting the Best Pool Party

Secrets for Hosting the Best Pool Party

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

If you plan to throw a party, especially when the weather is hot, inflatable pool slides for adults is not all that you need. Here are some other secrets for hosting the best pool party.

Just the mention of the word party could make many heads turn. So, imagine the smiles that you could see on the faces of your friends and loved ones by simply throwing a party.

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That would also mean spending ample time with them. However, you need to make it all worth it. Ensure that they enjoy to the fullest. One of the best ways to achieve that is by throwing a pool party during summer. It is the best way of making those hot days bearable and fun.

Nevertheless, you have to do it right with your guests. One way of doing that is including inflatable pool slides for adults. There are other ways and here are the secrets for hosting the best pool party. Check them out!

1.    Choose the date wisely

If you want the best pool party, you must ensure that the day is neither too hot nor too cold. The two can quickly spoil the party mood despite your efforts. Ensure that you set the time to the evening if you go for a weekday. Preferably, let it be on the weekend. Communicate the date ahead of time to ensure that guests have time to plan.

2.    Guestlist

Having a guest list makes it easy to manage the party. After all, you will have a rough idea of the number of people who will attend. Too many people or few persons may make it worse.

3.    Prepare the pool and the surrounding area

That includes a shaded area as well as stations for foods and drinks. In case one needs to visit the washrooms, put mats or towels so that they don’t drip all over your house. You don’t want to host a party that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. So, check the water chemistry, water features, lights and filter, among other accessories. If they are not okay, fix them before the party date.

4.    Ensure that everyone has the essential swimming gear

By the way, this includes you. Make sure that everyone carries the likes of bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and sandals. Other extras include a hat, goggles, sunscreen and sunglasses just but to mention a few. Make sure that there are a first-aid kit and floaters too.

5.    Food, Snacks and Drinks

Parting on an empty stomach isn’t fun. Grilling can be a great idea but don’t strain yourself if it is beyond your means. Other options include hot dogs, burgers, corn and salad. Snacks such as cashews, peanuts, almonds, guacamole, fruits, chips, American sweets and ice cream could also do the trick. Iced drinks such as juice, water, tea, juice and lemonade too will be suitable.

6.    Inflatable pool slides for adults

Sliding into the pool is an experience that comes once in a while. Be the one to offer your guests that rare experience and they will live to remember. The additional fun can make it the best pool party that the guests have ever attended. 

7.    Other pool toys and accessories

In addition to the inflatable pool slides for adults, add other toys and accessories to increase the fun as well as interactions. Include noodles, water balloons, balls and rafts. Don’t leave pieces of balloons that burst behind. Failure to do so will leave you dealing with clogged pool filters. That is not an after-party that you want.

8.    Perfect music

Music is the heart of any party, and it has the power to improve or kill its mood. The tunes, lyrics and dancing will do the party well.

9.    Decorate

Mason jars, oversized umbrellas, fun lights and a combination of white and bright colours will do the trick. Don’t overlook the decoration because it won’t cost you much but would make a huge difference.

10.    Make safety a priority

Ensure that the dishware you use is made of anything but glass. That way, there are no chances of them breaking and entering the pool. As much as they will be hard to find, they will still pose a danger to the swimmers.

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We said that it is good to choose a date that is rainy or too hot. However, that is out of our control which is why a backup plan in case there is a storm. Pool water has a tendency of attracting lightning, and if that was to happen, you don’t want anyone to be in the pool.

Final Words

The manual of hosting a pool party is now at your disposal. You now know what to do and what not to do. You also understand what you ought to have, including music, inflatable pool slides for adults, foods, drinks, smacks and swimming equipment.

So, you now have one task to do. Simply follow these secrets for hosting the best pool party and thank me later.


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