Moving With a Bump 5 Tips for Relocating During Pregnancy

Moving With a Bump: 5 Tips for Relocating During Pregnancy

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Emma White

Not many things are as physically demanding and mentally draining as relocating your house during pregnancy. With all the health inconveniences of carrying a child, disturbing your well-settled life is the last thing you will want. However, the decision might be inevitable if you are looking for a more affordable living option and a bigger house before your little bundle of joy arrives. Babies may start their life neatly curled up in a small basket, but their expenses are huge, and relocating to a place with more affordable living can help you manage everything conveniently. So whether you relocate down the street, to another city, or across the ocean, the move should not take a toll on your or your unborn’s wellbeing. Here are some tips for you to consider when relocating with a baby onboard.

1. Hire Expert Help:

The most important thing during the move is to recognize your limitations and keep as much stress and workload off you as possible. After all, why suffer when you can have expert help at your doorstep? It is especially true if you plan to relocate internationally, which requires much more planning and coordination and can lead to more stress. So whether it is good living and affordability that motivates your decision, such as that in South American countries, or better career prospects, get all the help you can for a smooth start to your journey.

So if you plan on moving from the US to South America in search of a lower cost of living, an international moving company will ensure the safe transport of your goods and cater to official formalities you might miss out on. If left unattended, they can further complicate matters for you, such as delayed luggage shipment. So let go of the unnecessary stress and let the experts do their job. It will save you much time and energy to focus on more crucial matters.

Likewise, moving in and out of a house is a mess, and a cleaning company can declutter your place to make it more clean, spacious, and inviting. The key is to work smarter, not harder, so that you can focus on maintaining your health in all the hassle.

2. Consult Your Doctor:

No matter how careful you are, moving will likely take a toll on your health with the disturbed routine and traveling that comes with it. So before jumping right in, get a heads-up from your doctor. Your doctor will brief you about the dos and don’ts of the moving process and how much participation is safe. Ideally, the safest time to do this task is during the second trimester, provided you do not face any complications. 

Likewise, you will also need to find a well-trusted doctor at your new destination to take charge of your pregnancy process. You can ask your present doctor to refer you to a GP or obstetrician at your new place. If not, research your part and get this task done on priority. Once you have found a new doctor that meets your needs and criteria, call them to make an appointment and send all your previous medical records.

3. Plan Ahead:

Planning ahead is the key to a successful move. However, it is even more crucial if you are pregnant, as you will need more time to organize and sort out everything. We often tend to underestimate the time required for packing. If you have lived in your current home for a few years, the number of things accumulated will be mind-boggling. You will need plenty of time to sort out what to keep and discard. This process, coupled with planning for the impending arrival of your baby, will exhaust you if you do not stir into action on time. 

Also, decide what baby gear you should buy before the move. Try postponing it after the move since you have your hands full with moving all your household goods. If not, try buying only those things you believe will not be available in your new city/country.

4. Pack Away a Separate Bag of Pregnancy Essentials:

Relocating houses means you will probably never find a thing in its place when needed, and there will be a few items you won’t be able to go without amidst the moving chaos. Moreover, everything will be boxed up on a moving day, so you should pack away a bag of essentials to keep with you all the time.

The essentials bag may contain your medications, prenatal vitamins, snacks, and comfy maternity clothes with other essential items like your toothbrush, phone charger, towels, etc. Any other items you think will be handy in making your traveling and sleep comfortable should go in this bag. In this way, you will have immediate access to essential items until you unpack in your new home.

5. Don’t Forget to Relax Amidst the Moving Chaos:

Even if you do not participate much in the moving process, it will still be stressful for your vulnerable body. So do not forget to set aside some time for yourself and prioritize your baby’s health over the typical relocation worries. A few tips to get your mind relaxed include:

  • Read your favorite book
  • Practice meditation. Not only will it keep your stress level in check, but it will help you stay mindful and well-rested as well.
  • Keep your body active. You can go for daily walks, practice yoga, or exercise what your doctors approve to detoxify your mind and body.
  • Get a sound and uninterrupted sleep every night.
  • Do not forget to treat yourself! Grab dinner with your partner or friends, have a spa day, or massage, every now and then.


Pregnancy is a time of remarkable transition in every aspect, including your body, mind, relationship status, and overall life. On top of that, changing your home, let alone your city or country can be overwhelming. But the good news is that all the transitions will lead you to the start of something even better – a life in your new home with your little bundle of joy. So as strenuous as the moving process might seem, wise planning and thoughtful steps will make it much easier for you to endure, and you will soon be making memories with your little one in a new place.