Leaving Louisville? 9 Tips To Plan The Perfect Move

Leaving Louisville 9 Tips To Plan The Perfect Move

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

While many people were moving to Louisville, Kentucky, in 2020, things have taken a drastic turn since that time. Louisville’s growth rate has been steadily declining since 2021; it stands at 0.81% as of 2023. Several people cite racism, unemployment, and family-related issues as reasons they plan to leave Louisville. But moving away from familiar surroundings and relocating to another town isn’t easy. It can easily stress people out! So, how do you manage this relocation without any major hassle?

This blog shares some tips to plan the perfect move out of Louisville, KY, in a few simple steps:

1. Create a budget

Planning a smooth move out of Louisville, KY, starts with budgeting. You should research the cost of moving, including transportation, hiring movers, and travel expenses. Create a moving budget and put on it all the anticipated expenses associated with your move. Don’t forget to account for unexpected expenditures and add them to this budget. Find cost-saving options, such as the following:

  • Traveling during the off-season
  • Getting free packing supplies from friends
  • Transporting fewer items to your new home

2. Hire professional movers

You can always ask your friends and family to help you bring your stuff to your new home. However, hiring professionals to transport your belongings can make relocation much easier. As the most populous city in the Corn-cracker State, there’s no lack of qualified, experienced movers in Louisville. You can search online to find well-reviewed, BBB-accredited Louisville long distance movers that can transport your things safely. 

Make a list of Louisville-based moving professionals and ask for a free quote online. Compare different quotes to go with the most reasonable one. Moreover, don’t forget to get moving insurance.

3. Consider moving during the off-season

In Louisville, springs are rainy, and summers are humid; these seasons aren’t ideal for planning a relocation. If you plan to leave Louisville, KY, choose winter or autumn to relocate. Starting from September, all months are perfect for a comfy move. Statistics indicate that 80% of all moves will happen between April and September, mainly during the summer. You can avoid traffic and reduce relocating costs by scheduling your move after Labour Day. 

4. Purge and declutter

Surveys show that one-half of average Americans have a clutter problem. Moving serves as the perfect opportunity to clean your house, find needless possessions, and get rid of them to lessen your load. It will make the moving process stress-free. You need to go into your attic, shuffle through all that clutter in your basement, and determine which items don’t belong in your newly-purchased dwelling.

If your clutter’s in good shape, you can hold a yard sale to get rid of it and make a profit or donate all the stuff. You can also find a self-storage facility in Louisville or your new home to store these things temporarily.

5. Pack like a pro

Packing your stuff can be easy if done right. If you have parted with your clutter properly, it’s time you should dedicate 5 to 7 days to packing your belongings. Don’t forget to ask your friends and neighbors to lend you a helping hand. Moreover, you need to:

  • Start packing the things you use the least
  • Give priority to larger objects when packing
  • Go through every room and label your boxes properly
  • Color-code your boxes so you can easily unpack all your items later
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in a box
  • Put lighter items on top of heavier items

6. Pack your essentials separately

But don’t forget to pack your essentials in a separate box you’ll carry with you during the transition. Your essentials, such as your important documents, are irreplaceable. Thus, no matter how reliable your movers are, you can’t simply risk losing these docs when switching homes. Just carry your in a duffle bag with you and carry this bag when moving out of Louisville. Your essentials include:

  • Jewelry
  • Medications
  • A change of clothing
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Snacks and some water
  • Toiletries and personal care items

7. Update your details

Update your address before leaving Louisville and forward your mail. This way, you won’t lose track of important correspondence when relocating. Notify important parties of this change of address to stay in contact with them. For instance, inform your banks, post offices, insurance, and other service providers of the move. Similarly, you must update your driver’s license by contacting the DMV even if you’ve moved within the state. However, you can do this one after relocating.

8. Cancel or transfer your utilities

Inform your utility provider of your decision to relocate. If possible, you can transfer these utilities to your newly-bought house or cancel them outright. Schedule the termination of these utilities as per your family’s comfort. Ensure all these utilities are set up in your new place before your family moves in, such as gas, water, cable, internet, television, etc. Similarly, if you have a newspaper or magazine subscription, you should transfer it to your new address before relocating.

9. Prepare your new home

Now, you’ve successfully moved into your new house. Congratulation. However, you must prepare this place for your family and make it livable. Your family can settle in this house after you clean it and make it a safe place to live. Here’s what you need to do before moving in:

  • Start with deep-cleaning the house
  • If you have kids, child-proof the place ASAP
  • Repaint the interior if needed
  • Change the locks and get new ones since you never know who else has a key to your house
  • Look for harmful substances, such as mold, which affects 50% of American houses, and get rid of them. Do the same with radon, mildew, and asbestos.


Moving out of Louisville, KY, isn’t difficult when you know how to manage it wisely. Look into the best season to move, hire local professionals, pack your essentials separately, and clean the house from top to bottom before moving in. Transfer your utilities to the new address and declutter to relocate cost-effectively. Follow the suggestions mentioned in this article and you will be able to leave Louisville with as less stress as possible.

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