He Named Me Malala

Movie Review: He Named Me Malala

“He Named Me Malala” is a documentary to premiere on the National Geographic Channel on Monday, February 29, 2016 at 8 p.m. eastern time. The movie is about a Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, who was targeted by the Taliban and shot in the head for her outspoken views in support of girls’ equal access to education.

She later survived and continued her work in advocating for girls’ education around the world, especially in poor, third-world countries. In 2013, she was the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 16.

The movie follows Malala’s story from her early beginnings and her namesake’s title from the heroine, Malala, in the war for Afghanistan’s independence, her home in Swat Valley, her parents’ influence, and life after recovery and attention on a wider global stage.

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While many in the United States take their public education for granted, education around the world often seems to be only for the privileged and even exclusive for only the male gender. Girls are expected to be unschooled, marry early and start raising a family at a young age.

They are expected to be deferent to their husbands and dependent on their husband for their daily subsistence and income. Education in this context means having more options in life, the skills, and educational background to pursue their dreams and careers, and being able to also become financially independent.

From the director of “Waiting for Superman” and Academy Award Winner of “An Inconvenient Truth,” Davis Guggenheim presents the incredible story of a girl who would not be silenced, voicing her beliefs and weaving a tale of courage and bravery.

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“He Named Me Malala” is a critically-acclaimed film and inspiring story of a girl who was defiant in the face of tyranny and oppression, even living under death threats from the Taliban regime.

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