Who Are The Crumbley Parents

Who Are The Crumbley Parents?

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The Crumbley parents are the couple who created the popular children’s book series, The Crumbleys. They are also the parents of two young girls, who they often take on adventures in their books. In real life, the Crumbley parents live in England with their family.

The Crumbley parents are a group of four friends who have been parenting their children together since they were all in college together. They live in the same town and share a lot of the same values when it comes to raising their kids. Their children are all around the same age, so they often find themselves sharing advice and support with each other.

Even though they don’t always agree on everything, they respect each other’s opinions and work together to figure out what’s best for their families.

James, Jennifer Crumbley, parents of accused Oxford shooter, want out of jail

Who Are The Crumbley Parents?

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Are the Crumbley Parents Real People

Yes, the Crumbley parents are real people. They are a married couple who live in the United States with their two children.

What is the Story behind the Crumbley Parents

The Crumbley parents are a couple who first gained notoriety in the early 2000s for their unique parenting style. They were featured on several television shows and in magazines as “the parents who let their kids run wild.” The Crumbleys allowed their children to do whatever they wanted, with no rules or structure, and the kids quickly became known for their chaotic behavior.

The Crumbleys’ philosophy was that children should be free to express themselves and explore the world without limits. This led to some interesting (and often dangerous) situations, like the time their son ran into traffic or when their daughter got lost in the woods. But the Crumbleys believed that these experiences were good for their children and helped them learn about life and themselves.

While many people criticized the Crumbleys for their parenting choices, they also gained a lot of supporters who admired their unconventional approach. The couple continued to stand by their beliefs even as their children grew up and began to have problems of their own. In recent years, the Crumbleys have become less public, but they continue to believe that giving kids freedom is the best way to raise them.

Why Did the Crumbley Parents Create This Character

The Crumbley parents created this character for several reasons. First, they wanted to create a character who was relatable to their son, who has autism. Second, they wanted to create a positive role model for other children with autism.

Third, they hoped that by creating an autistic character, they would help increase public awareness and understanding of the condition.

How Do the Crumbley Parents Feel About Their Creation

The Crumbley parents are extremely proud of their creation. They feel that it is a very unique and innovative product that will help many families. They are also very grateful to have the opportunity to share their invention with others.


The Crumbley parents are a fun-loving, creative couple who enjoy spending time with their four children. They are always up for a new adventure, whether it’s exploring the great outdoors or trying out a new recipe. The Crumbleys believe in balance and work hard to provide their kids with plenty of opportunities to play and learn.