Who Are Kawakis Parents

Who Are Kawakis Parents?

Kawaki’s parents have not been revealed in the series, and their whereabouts are unknown. It is possible that they are deceased, as Kawaki was living on the streets before he was taken in by Jigen.

There are many theories out there about who Kawaki’s parents could be, but we don’t really know for sure. Some believe that his father is Jigen, the leader of Kara, while others think that his mother is actually Boruto’s mom, Hinata. However, it’s possible that neither of these are true and that Kawaki is actually an orphan with no real family to speak of.

Whoever Kawaki’s parents may be, one thing is for sure: they’re probably not very happy with him right now. He was brought up by Kara and taught to hate and destroy Naruto and all those close to him. Now that he’s been defeated by Boruto and has lost his powers, Kawaki is nothing more than a shell of his former self.

His parents would probably be disappointed in him if they knew what he had become.

Naruto cared kawaki like son.

Is Jigen Kawaki Father

We all know that Jigen is Kawaki’s adoptive father, but is there more to their relationship than meets the eye? Let’s take a closer look at the evidence to see if we can figure out if Jigen is really Kawaki’s father. First of all, it’s worth noting that Jigen has never actually said that he is Kawaki’s father.

In fact, when asked about it directly, he has always dodged the question or refused to answer. This in itself isn’t necessarily suspicious, as Jigen is not exactly the chatty type and he may simply be trying to protect Kawaki’s privacy. However, it does make us wonder why he would be so tight-lipped about something like this.

Secondly, there are some physical similarities between the two characters which could suggest they are related. They both have dark hair and eyes, and similar facial features. Granted, these traits are not exclusive to family members, but it’s still curious nonetheless.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there is the fact that Jigen clearly cares deeply for Kawaki. He went out of his way to save him from Boruto and Naruto when they first met, and has since been fiercely protective of him. He even refers to Kawaki as “my son” on occasion.

All of this points to a much deeper connection between the two characters than simply that of an adoptive father and son.

Who Are Kawakis Parents?

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Who is Kawaki Biological Parents?

Kawaki’s biological parents are unknown. He was found as a baby by Jiraiya, who took him in and raised him as his own son. Kawaki has no memories of his real parents and doesn’t even know their names.

Who is Kawaki’S Actual Dad?

Kawaki’s dad is a bit of a mystery. We know that he was part of the original Konoha-nin who fought in the Third Shinobi World War and that he died during the war. Kawaki was then raised by his mother, who was also a shinobi.

However, there are some conflicting reports about Kawaki’s father. Some say that his father was actually from Kumogakure and that he killed Kawaki’s mother after she gave birth to him. Others say that his father was actually from Kirigakure and that he abandoned Kawaki and his mother shortly after Kawaki was born.

So, who is Kawaki’s actual dad? Unfortunately, we don’t really know for sure. It seems like it could be either one of two people, but we can’t say for certain which one it is.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about Kawaki’s father as the story progresses and we get to see more of Kawaki’s backstory.

Who is Kawaki’S Real Mother?

Kawaki’s real mother is a woman named Karura. She was a powerful ninja who belonged to a village that was destroyed by war. When Kawaki was born, she gave him up to another ninja in order to keep him safe.

Who was Kawaki Raised By?

Kawaki was raised by the Kara organization. He was taken in as a young child and was trained to be a powerful weapon. He was taught how to use his powers to serve the group’s goals.

Kawaki is fiercely loyal to Kara and will do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives.


Kawaki’s parents are unknown, but it is speculated that his father was a shinobi who died during the Third Shinobi War. His mother was likely killed by Kara shortly after he was born. He was then raised by Jigen, who taught him everything he knows.