When Does Arias Parents Find Out About Ezra

When Does Arias Parents Find Out About Ezra?

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Ezra and Aria have been dating for a while now and things are starting to get serious. Ezra has met Aria’s parents and they seem to really like him, but they don’t know about his past. Ezra is worried that if they find out about his criminal record, they will never approve of their relationship.

Ezra has been keeping his criminal record a secret from Aria and her family, but he knows that it’s only a matter of time before they find out. He’s not sure what he’ll do when that happens, but he knows he needs to tell them the truth. He just hopes that they can look past his mistakes and see the good person that he is.

Ezra’s parents find out about Aria when she is arrested for shoplifting. They are surprised and disappointed that she would do something like that.

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What Episode Do Aria’S Parents Find Out About Ezra?

Aria’s parents find out about Ezra in episode 12 of season 4. In this episode, Aria tells her parents the truth about Ezra and how she feels about him. This is a difficult conversation for Aria, but ultimately her parents are supportive and understanding.

How Does Aria And Ezra Get Caught?

Ezra and Aria’s relationship is anything but conventional. They’ve been through a lot together, including Ezra being shot and nearly dying, finding out that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child, and dealing with the fact that they have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone else. So it’s no surprise that when they finally get caught, it’s under less than ideal circumstances.

The two are caught by Ezra’s father, who has come to Rosewood to visit his son. While he’s there, he sees Aria and Ezra kissing in Ezria’s car and immediately puts two and two together. He is clearly not happy about the situation and tells them both off before leaving.

This results in a huge fight between Aria and Ezra, during which Ezra breaks up with her. It isn’t until later that the two realize that they were actually caught because of something good – because they were finally able to be honest with each other about their feelings. And while it wasn’t the best way to start their new relationship, it ultimately brought them closer together.

Does Aria Get Pregnant With Ezra?

No, Aria does not get pregnant with Ezra. While they are in a relationship and sleep together, she is on birth control and they use condoms. In the series finale, it is revealed that she is actually pregnant with her new boyfriend’s baby.

What Episode Does Aria Tell Ezra She’S Pregnant?

In the Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode “Till Death Do Us Part”, Aria tells Ezra that she’s pregnant. This is a huge shock to both of them, as they had just broken up and were not expecting to have a baby together. Aria is scared and doesn’t know what to do, but Ezra is supportive and says that he will help her through whatever she decides to do.

Ultimately, they decide to keep the baby and start planning for their future together.

When Does Arias Parents Find Out About Ezra?

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What Episode Does Ella Find Out About Ezra And Aria

Aria and Ezra’s relationship was always one of the most tumultous on Pretty Little Liars. From the very beginning, when Aria found out that Ezra was her high school English teacher, things were complicated. They tried to keep their relationship a secret, but eventually everyone found out.

And then things got even more complicated when they realized that Ezra’s ex-girlfriend Nicole was still alive. Throughout all of this, Ella Montgomery was always supportive of her daughter’s relationship with Ezra. She could see that they loved each other, and she wanted them to be happy.

But then, in season 6B, Ella finally learned the truth about Ezra and Aria’s relationship: that he had been spying on the girls for years. She was devastated and heartbroken, and it took her a long time to forgive him. But eventually she did, and she even helped him get a job teaching at Rosewood High again.

Ella has always been one of the most understanding and compassionate characters on Pretty Little Liars, and her reaction to finding out about Ezra only made us love her more.


In Pretty Little Liars, Aria’s parents find out about Ezra when she is forced to tell them the truth about their relationship. It is a difficult moment for her, but ultimately her parents are supportive and understanding.