Who Are Demi Moore'S Parents

Who Are Demi Moore’S Parents?

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Demi Moore’s parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. They were married from 1987 to 2000 and have three daughters: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

Demi Moore was born Demetria Gene Guynes on November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico. Her mother, Virginia King (née Guynes; 1935–1998), was a psychiatric nurse who married Moore’s father, Air Force airman Charles Harmon Sr., in 1958. Moore has English and Scottish ancestry.

When Demi was three months old, her parents divorced; she subsequently took her stepfather’s surname of Guynes.

Demi Moore her Parents and her brother and her husband

Who is Demi Moore With Now

Demi Moore is currently married to Ashton Kutcher. The couple has been married since 2005 and have two children together. Demi also has three daughters from her previous marriages.

Who Are Demi Moore'S Parents?

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Who was Demi Moore Parents?

Demi Moore’s parents are Bruce Willis and Moore. They met in 1987 and married the following year. They had three children together: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

The couple divorced in 2000.

Who is Demi Moore’S Biological Father?

Demi Moore’s biological father, Bruce Willis, is an actor, producer, and musician. He has appeared in over 60 films and television shows, including Die Hard, Armageddon, and The Sixth Sense. Willis is also a member of the rock band Bon Jovi.

What Happened to Demi Moore’S Mom?

Demi Moore’s mother, Virginia King, died on July 21, 1998 at the age of 63. The cause of death was listed as a brain hemorrhage.

Who was Demi Moore Mom?

Demi Moore’s mother, Virginia King, was a celebrity wardrobe stylist and talent manager. She was also the daughter of country music singer Bobby Goldsboro. Virginia divorced Demi’s father, Danny Guynes, when Demi was just three years old.

After the divorce, she moved to Los Angeles with her daughters and changed her name to Jane Moore. Jane later married actor Bruce Willis, with whom Demi has two daughters.


Demi Moore’s parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. They were both born in the United States, and they have three children together. Demi is the middle child.

Her older sister, Rumer, is an actress, and her younger sister, Tallulah, is a model.