Who Are Channing Tatum’S Parents?

Who Are Channing Tatum'S Parents

Last Updated on March 11, 2023

Channing Tatum’s parents are both from Alabama. His mother, Kayla, is a former dancer and his father, Glenn, is a businessman.

Channing Tatum’s parents are Gladys and Julius Tatum. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a construction worker. Channing has two sisters, Paige and Kayla.

He also has a brother, Dion.

Who Are Channing Tatum'S Parents?

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Who is Channing Tatum’S Father?

Channing Tatum’s father is named Glenn Tatum. He was born in 1954 and raised in Alabama. He has worked as a construction worker, truck driver and bartender.

Channing’s parents divorced when he was six years old and he was raised by his mother. Channing has said that his father was not very present during his childhood but they have grown closer since he became an adult.

Who is Tatum Channings Mom?

Tatum Channing’s mom is Jenna Lee Dewan. She was born on December 3, 1980, in Hartford, Connecticut. She is of English and Chinese descent.

Dewan began her career as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson, and later worked with artists such as Pink, Missy Elliott, and Christina Aguilera. She has appeared in numerous films, including Step Up (2006), Take the Lead (2006), Step Up 2: The Streets (2008), and StreetDance 3D (2010). In 2014, she starred in the Lifetime television series Witches of East End as Freya Beauchamp.

Who Has Custody of Channing Tatum’S Kids?

Channing Tatum and his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, share joint physical and legal custody of their daughter Everly. This means that they both have equal say in decisions about her upbringing, and she spends roughly the same amount of time with each parent. However, it’s worth noting that Channing and Jenna live in different states (he in California, she in Massachusetts), so their parenting arrangement is likely to be more complicated than if they lived closer to each other.

What is Channing Tatum’S Story?

Channing Tatum was born in 1980 in Cullman, Alabama. His father, Glenn Tatum, was a construction worker, and his mother, Kay Tatum (née Faust), was a pre-school teacher. He has two older sisters named Paige and Shelly.

He moved with his family to Pascagoula, Mississippi when he was six years old. Tatum’s parents wanted him to get a more well-rounded education than what Pascagoula had to offer so they enrolled him at Tampa Catholic High School in Tampa, Florida where he graduated in 1998. During his time there he played football and baseball as well as running track.

After high school graduation he attended Glenville State College on a football scholarship before transferring to the University of South Florida on an academic scholarship where he majored in sports management. However, he dropped out after one semester due to not having enough money to pay for tuition. After dropping out of college Tatum worked various jobs including being a roofer, stripper, and model before getting his big break in 2006 when cast as Nicky in the film “Step Up”.

The film was a commercial success grossing over $200 million worldwide and led to Tatum’s breakout role as its star. Since then Channing Tatum’s career has taken off appearing in films such as “G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra”, “Dear John”, “The Vow”, “21 Jump Street” (and its sequel), “White House Down”, “Foxcatcher”, and many more.

Channing Tatum and Parents and Siblings

Channing Tatum Wife

Channing Tatum is married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum, an actress and dancer. The couple met while filming the 2006 dance drama film Step Up and began dating shortly afterwards. They were married in 2009 and have one daughter together.


Channing Tatum’s parents are both very supportive of their son and his career. They have been seen attending many of his movie premieres and red carpet events. They seem to be very proud of him and everything he has accomplished.

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