Shower Sanctuary: Elevate Your Lifestyle with Luxurious and Refreshing Shower Experiences

Shower Sanctuary Elevate Your Lifestyle with Luxurious and Refreshing Shower Experiences

Last Updated on July 6, 2023

Life has become so fast-paced that most people rarely get ample time for self-care and relaxation. After a long and tiring day at work, most people feel that a shower is another chore they have to cross off their to-do list rather than viewing it as a relaxing experience. The primary step in transforming your shower experience from basic to luxurious is to elevate your bathroom to give it a spa-like quality. Having a clean and beautiful bathroom plays a major role in helping you enjoy your daily shower routine, so you look forward to unwinding in the shower. If you’re a resident of Tampa Bay, a relaxing shower after a hard day at work is more of a need for you than a want—particularly in the summers, when temperatures regularly soar above 100 degrees. Having a clean, well-maintained bathroom at home creates an environment that encourages you to relax and de-stress. 

Residents of Tampa Bay should opt for Luxury Bath of Tampa Bay for a shower upgrade that surpasses their expectations in terms of price, durability, and design. This choice is perfect regardless of why you are considering a bathroom makeover. Whether your bathroom is outdated, worn out or if you are renovating simply for aesthetic reasons, this Tampa shower installation company has remodeling ideas to match all your needs!

To learn more about upgrading your daily shower routine at home to a spa-like experience, continue reading the article below. 

Shower Renovation

If your bathroom is old and neglected, the foremost step in upgrading your daily shower routine will be to consider renovating your bathroom. A pristine and organized bathroom will encourage you to unwind better than a run-down and messy one. You can customize your shower to suit your needs in several ways. Consider installing a shower panel to surprise yourself with a spa-like experience whenever you shower. A shower panel featuring multiple jets and settings will answer all your woes by helping you achieve the perfect shower to complement your style and preferences. 

Light Candles

Appropriate lighting is important in creating the right shower experience at home. The proper lighting can set the mood for relaxation. Warm lights, especially in the evening, help calm your mind providing a relaxing end to a long and tiring day. To create this warm and soothing environment, light all your favorite candles before you hop into the shower and observe as they radiate a soft glow that will calm your nerves in no time. Instead of lighting candles, you can also use a Himalayan salt wall plug because people claim that Himalayan salt has a lot of benefits. It removes impurities from the air. 

However, candles indicate luxury, creating the most lavish ambiance in a bathroom setting. Candles also emit a scent, so you can use them as aromatherapy when you shower. Lavender and jasmine scents can reduce stress and effectively balance your mood. 

Play Music

Music has a huge impact on your mood. Even at spas, mellow music plays in the background to instill peace and calm. You can try doing the same thing at home. Recreate spa-like luxury by playing your favorite songs while you shower. For the ultimate experience, you can buy waterproof speakers and sing along to your cherished tunes.

Fine Towels

Consider investing in soft and plush towels that feel like a warm hug at the end of every shower. 

Also, good quality towels will create the illusion of spa-like luxury, ensuring you conclude your bathing time on a soothing note. 

One of the best quality towels is Turkish make. Turkish cotton has worldwide recognition, and such towels are beautiful to look at and feel more elegant and luxurious than regular towels. Turkish towels also dry much quicker than regular towels because of the careful mix of bamboo and Turkish cotton. The quick-drying property makes them naturally anti-bacterial, so you don’t have to worry about that musty smell of damp cloth in your bathroom.

Dry Brushing

Before hopping in for a shower, consider using a dry brush to stimulate blood flow and gently massage your entire body. Use your dry brush in a long circular direction, moving up from your feet to your head. Doing so removes dead skin cells, exposing a fresh layer of skin underneath for a full-body glow before you wash away the day’s exhaustion in your shower.

Hand Showers

In recent years, hand showers, also called hand-held showers, have become quite popular. They are an alternative to fixed shower heads and more preferable because they promise versatility. Although there are several varieties of hand showers, the most popular are top showers because of their quality and superior design. These hand showers allow you to choose the level and angle of water flow. Although mounted on the wall, these hand showers enable you to adjust the intensity of water flow. They have multiple settings, so you can choose rain or massage depending on your mood.


Your shower routine is incomplete without proper moisturization, which is crucial in maintaining a healthy skin barrier and also emanates a sense of luxury, especially if you use products infused with rich scents. A hydrating shower gel followed by a rich body lotion promises a luxurious shower experience. 

Ideal Temperature

Although turning the dial all the way up during peak winter feels natural, it is better to refrain from taking a shower in hot water because it strips the skin of moisture, compromising the skin’s natural barrier. This has a detrimental effect on overall health. Experts stress that the most suitable way to avoid dry, flaky skin is to shower with lukewarm water, between 98º and 105º F. This temperature range is ideal for a warm and cozy bath without damaging the skin. 


The tips mentioned above will completely transform your shower experience, helping to elevate your lifestyle. You will not have to spend money booking a spa appointment if you make a one-time investment and upgrade your bathroom. Doing so will let you enjoy spa-like luxury every day in the comfort of your own home. 

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