How To Say Mother In Tagalog

How To Say Mother In Tagalog?

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Last Updated on December 22, 2022 by Emma White

The word for mother in Tagalog is “ina”. To say “my mother”, you would say “ina ko”.

  • Learn the word for mother in Tagalog
  • The word for mother in Tagalog is “ina
  • Use the word “ina” when referring to your own mother, or someone else’s mother
  • For example, you could say “I love my ina,” or “That woman over there is my ina
  • If you need to clarify which meaning of “ina” you are using, you can add the words “biological” or “adoptive” before saying “ina
  • ” For example, you could say “My biological ina passed away last year,” or “She’s my adoptive ina

Learn Tagalog: Saying Mom And Dad in Tagalog

How to Say Dad in Tagalog

In Tagalog, the word for dad is “tatay.” Some other common words used to refer to fathers include “papa,” “babae,” “amang,” and “inay.” While there are many ways to say dad in Tagalog, the most important thing is to choose a term that feels comfortable and respectful.

How To Say Mother In Tagalog?


What Do Filipino People Call Their Mom?

There are a few different terms that Filipino people use to refer to their mothers. The most common term is “nanay,” which is derived from the Tagalog word for mother, “ina.” Other common terms include “mama,” “mommy,” and “ma.”

Filipino culture places a high importance on family, and mothers are typically seen as the heart of the family. As such, they are often treated with great respect and affection by their children. It is not uncommon for children to refer to their mother as “Nanay (Mother)” even into adulthood.

How Do You Say Mama in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, Mama is typically said as “nanay,” although there are a variety of ways to say “mother” throughout the country. While “mama” can be used in some Filipino dialects, it is not as common as “nanay.”

What Does Mommy Mean in Philippines?

Mommy is a term of endearment used in the Philippines to refer to one’s mother. It is derived from the Spanish word mamá, which itself is derived from the Latin word mamma.

What Does Nai Mean in Tagalog?

Nai is a Tagalog word that has several meanings, depending on its context. It can be used as a standalone exclamation, similar to the English interjection “wow.”


In Tagalog, the word for mother is “inay.”