How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing

How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing?

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When Frantz arrived on Okinawa, he had no idea how many kids would take him under their wing. He soon found out that there were plenty of orphans and children who needed help. Frantz quickly became a father figure to them, helping them with their studies and teaching them English.

The kids affectionately called him “Papa.” Over the years, Frantz took in more than a dozen kids, giving them a chance at a better life. He was able to provide them with an education and the opportunity to go to college.

Many of his “kids” went on to have successful careers and lives. They all remembered him fondly as the man who changed their lives for the better.

When Sgt. Frantz overheard some of his fellow Marines making fun of a group of kids from Okinawa, he decided to take them under his wing. He started spending time with them, teaching them English and showing them around the base. The kids looked up to him as a father figure, and he soon became known as the “Okinawa dad.”

Frantz took on more responsibility than just being a friend to the kids; he helped them out whenever they needed it, whether it was getting them food or clothes or just someone to talk to. He even went above and beyond his duties when he arranged for one of the kids to get surgery that she desperately needed but couldn’t afford. The Sgt. Frantz story is an inspiring one, and it’s clear that he made a huge impact on the lives of those kids.

It’s heartwarming to know that there are people in this world who are willing to help others, even if they don’t necessarily have to.


Okinawa, Japan is an island located south of mainland Japan. It is known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters and coral reefs. Okinawa is also home to a large number of historical sites and museums.

Visitors to Okinawa can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing and hiking.

How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing?


How Many People Died in the Battle of Okinawa?

Okinawa was the largest and bloodiest battle of the Pacific War. The 82-day campaign claimed the lives of more than 12,000 Americans and over 100,000 Japanese soldiers. In addition, an estimated 100,000 civilians were killed, wounded or committed suicide during the fighting.

How Long Did the Battle of Okinawa Last?

Okinawa is the largest of the Ryukyu Islands and has been a strategic location for centuries. It was the site of many battles, including the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. This battle was one of the bloodiest and most brutal battles of World War II.

It lasted for over two months and resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 people, most of them civilians.

How Did the Battle of Okinawa End?

The Battle of Okinawa ended on June 21, 1945. The United States had been preparing for an invasion of the Japanese mainland, and Okinawa was seen as a key step in that operation. In early April, American forces landed on the island and met stiff resistance from the Japanese defenders.

The fighting was brutal, and it took nearly three months for the Americans to secure the island. In the end, though, the American victory was decisive. More than 12,000 Japanese soldiers were killed in the battle, while American casualties numbered just over 5,000.

Why was the Battle of Okinawa So Important?

The Battle of Okinawa was fought from April 1 to June 22, 1945, during World War II. The battle resulted in the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific Theater of Operations during the war. The United States and its allies were pitted against the Empire of Japan.

Okinawa is located between Taiwan and Japan, making it a strategic location for both sides. For the Allies, capturing Okinawa would provide a staging area for an invasion of mainland Japan. For the Japanese, holding Okinawa was essential to maintaining control over their closest neighbors.

The battle began with a surprise attack by American forces on the island’s airfields. This was followed by a month-long campaign of artillery bombardment and air strikes, after which American troops landed on the beaches. The fighting was fierce and resulted in high casualties on both sides.

In the end, American forces prevailed and captured Okinawa. The battle was important for several reasons. First, it demonstrated that America had the capability to mount a successful amphibious assault against well-defended positions.

Second, it inflicted heavy losses on the Japanese military, weakening their ability to defend mainland Japan against an invasion. Finally, it provided valuable experience for American troops who would later take part in the Invasion of Japan itself (scheduled for November 1945).

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In his three years living on the island of Okinawa, Frantz took 16 kids under his wing. He did this by providing them with a place to stay, food, and an education. He also helped them find jobs and get their lives back on track.