13 Ways to Enjoy Pigeon Forge With Your Kids

13 Ways to Enjoy Pigeon Forge With Your Kids
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Last Updated on October 19, 2023

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is a fantastic place to have a family vacation since it has so many exciting things to do for kids of all ages. Immersing yourself in Pigeon Forge’s vibrant entertainment scene is one of the best ways to have fun there with your kids. This lovely town, which is nestled in the stunning Smoky Mountains, provides a wealth of attractions that guarantee days full of fun and adventure. Let us explore some of the top things you can do to ensure an unforgettable family vacation in Pigeon Forge.


Commence your Pigeon Forge journey at the renowned Dollywood amusement park. This spot offers an ideal blend of exhilarating rides and live entertainment, catering to families. The imaginative Wildwood Grove section, featuring an impressive treehouse and interactive experiences, will captivate the young ones. Ensure not to overlook the opportunity to witness one of Dollywood’s captivating shows, boasting remarkable actors and impressive choreography.

The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island in Pigeon Forge is another essential destination for families. This expansive amusement park boasts a massive Ferris wheel, a variety of arcade games, and a plethora of dining establishments. The enchanting dancing fountains, synchronized to music and lights, are sure to enchant the kids. With its lively ambiance, The Island in Pigeon Forge is an ideal spot to spend an enjoyable evening with the family.

Pigeon Forge Movie Theaters

If you and your kids enjoy watching a good movie, consider having a good time at a popular Pigeon Forge movie theater such as Governer’s Crossing 14 or The Forge Cinemas. While the former offers 55-foot widescreens, the latter is a more popular and affordable option. Booking and watching a movie with the entire family provides an excellent means to unwind after a day of exploration while fostering quality family bonding. Make it a point to go through the schedule for any special screenings or family-friendly films.


To nourish your children’s imagination and curiosity, escort them to WonderWorks, an indoor amusement park housing over 100 interactive exhibits. Ranging from mind-bending virtual reality experiences to the simulation of a hurricane wind tunnel, WonderWorks presents a fun and educational setting where kids can learn while having a wonderful time. This enlightening adventure is certain to delight and inspire your young ones.

Outdoor Expeditions

Pigeon Forge serves as an excellent playground for outdoor enthusiasts, being enveloped by the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. Contemplate a family picnic as you traverse the region’s diverse hiking trails, all while soaking in the mesmerizing mountain vistas. Alternatively, you and the kids could go horseback riding! Or you could all indulge in a leisurely drive through the scenic Cades Cove, creating unforgettable outdoor memories.

Mini-Golf and Go-Karting

Loads of mini-golf courses and electrifying go-kart tracks grace Pigeon Forge, making them ideal for friendly competitions. Permit your little ones to exhibit their skills on mini-golf layouts or engage in go-kart races for an exhilarating experience. These activities supply a healthy dose of excitement while encouraging spirited competition among family members.

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show

Treat your family to an exciting dinner event at the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show. This captivating presentation encompasses singing, dancing, and a delectable Southern supper, in addition to a comical family rivalry between two Appalachian clans. Your children will treasure this exceptional and enjoyable dining experience for years to come.

Indoor Water Parks

If you’re visiting in the hotter months and you just need some time off from the sun, consider a visit to one of Pigeon Forge’s indoor water parks. The Wild Bear Falls Water Park and Wilderness at the Smokies present invigorating water rides, meandering rivers, and splash zones suitable for all ages. Regardless of whether the sun is shining or it’s raining heavily, it serves as the best retreat from unfavorable weather conditions, keeping the family entertained.

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

Embark on a captivating journey into the interesting marine life by visiting Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. Sharks, sea turtles, and a kaleidoscope of vibrant fish are among the underwater wonders showcased at this family-friendly attraction. Interactive exhibits and the opportunity to interact with rays and jellyfish make it an instructive and memorable experience for kids.

Arts and Crafts Community

Immerse your kids in a more creative and educational endeavor by exploring the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community. It offers the chance to witness local artisans expertly crafting beautiful handmade goods. Moreover, your children may have the opportunity to partake in hands-on workshops, thereby crafting their one-of-a-kind mementos and gaining insights into the world of traditional Appalachian craftsmanship.

Titanic Museum

Take a trip to the Titanic Museum with your family, embarking on a voyage through history. Kids can step into the shoes of passengers on the ill-fated Titanic ship through interactive exhibits. They can explore cabins, come into contact with an iceberg, and even trace the journey of a real passenger. It serves as an enthralling expedition that fuses history with fascination.

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

For a shot of adrenaline, make your way to the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster. This exhilarating ride offers a thrilling journey through the scenic Smoky Mountains. As the longest downhill ride across the nation, it provides opportunities for both daytime and nighttime adventures, crafting an extraordinary and spine-tingling experience for children and adults alike.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Should your youngsters harbor dreams of flight, make sure you take them to Flyaway Indoor Skydiving. At this venue, they can experience the sensation of freefall without leaping from an actual airplane. The safety of this exhilarating expedition ensures lifelong memories for your children without any risks.


There is apparently no end to the things you and your kids can enjoy in this quaint town that welcomes millions of tourists every year! Pigeon Forge is an absolute gold mine of family-friendly activities that will occupy your children and help them make lifelong memories. There is something for everyone in this charming Tennessee town, whether you choose to relax at a movie theatre, experience the great outdoors, or watch amazing live shows. Immerse your family in Pigeon Forge’s beauty and excitement to make the most of your trip and give everyone an experience they will not forget.

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