5 Activities for When You Take Your Kids to The Smoky Mountains

Last Updated on June 12, 2023

The spectacular Smoky Mountains is an inviting destination abundant with excitement and marvels at every twist and turn. Nestled between the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee, the Smoky Mountains National Park stands as one of the most visited national parks in the United States, owing to its undeniable appeal. 

From awe-inspiring panoramas to vibrant fauna, bubbling creeks, and landmarks, enchantment abounds in every nook and cranny. Moreover, when it comes to children, many enjoyable and captivating activities await to keep them entertained and enthralled. 

This article will unravel the top five reasons for embarking on an unforgettable Smoky Mountains adventure with your little ones. Whether you’re contemplating a summer vacation or a springtime escape, this article has you covered. So, pack your bags, don’t forget your spirit of adventure, and let’s begin this exciting journey.

By the end of your trip, your little ones will be etching their Smoky Mountain stories into their ‘unforgettable memories’ book. Ready to kick start this epic family adventure? Let’s dive in!

Activity 1: Smoky Mountain Coaster Ride 

Fasten your seatbelts and hold tight! First on the list is an adrenaline-filled Smoky Mountain coaster, namely the Wild Stallion Coaster. This is no ordinary amusement ride; it’s a journey that sends you whizzing through the forested slopes of the Smokies at up to 27 miles per hour! You’re not just sitting in a cart; you’re immersing yourself in the mountains’ raw beauty while feeling the wind’s rush against your face.

Each curve and dip of the coaster unveils a new aspect of the Smokies, whether it’s a spectacular mountain vista, a sudden encounter with local wildlife, or just the simple thrill of speeding down the track. The best part? You and your kids control the speed! With a simple push or pull of the handle, turn your ride into a leisurely stroll or a full-speed adventure.

Activity 2: Nature Trails and Hiking

After the excitement of the coaster ride, it’s time to slow down and immerse ourselves in the serenity of nature. The Smoky Mountains offer countless trails that range from easy walks perfect for little legs to more challenging hikes for adventurous teens.

Walking these trails, you and your kids will find yourselves in the heart of nature, surrounded by towering trees, chirping birds, and the soothing sounds of flowing water. The air here is clean, filled with the scent of pine and wildflowers. These trails aren’t just paths; they invite connecting with nature and appreciating its beauty.

You can choose a trail that leads to a cascading waterfall or one that offers stunning panoramic views of the mountain range. Each track is unique, with its own flora, fauna, and picturesque views. You can even turn this into an educational experience by teaching your kids about different plant species, animal tracks, or bird calls. Hiking in the Smoky Mountains isn’t just an activity; it’s a journey into the heart of nature and an opportunity to foster a love for the outdoors in your children.

Activity 3: Picnicking in the Park

Having explored the heights and trails, it’s time to unwind and enjoy a family picnic in the park. The Smoky Mountains offer an array of idyllic picnic spots, with tables nestled in lush greenery and a symphony of bird songs for company. Imagine biting into a sandwich while a gentle mountain breeze rustles through the leaves. Simple moments like these turn a trip into a cherished memory.

But it’s not just about the food and the setting; picnicking can also be an opportunity for fun and learning. Please bring along a bird guide or a wildflower book and encourage your kids to identify the different species they see. Organize a scavenger hunt with a list of natural items to find. It’s about making the most of your time, creating laughter-filled moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Activity 4: Visiting Historic Sites

In the Smoky Mountains, the past coexists with the present. History is engraved into the landscape, and visiting these historic sites offers a window into a bygone era. Areas such as Cades Cove, Cataloochee Valley, or Roaring Fork preserve the rich heritage of the settlers in the Smokies and are must-visits for families.

Each place has its unique story, from the resilient pioneers who built log cabins and mills to the Native American tribes that originally inhabited these lands. So take a step back in time with your children, walk in the footsteps of the people who once called these mountains home, and learn about their way of life.

Visiting these historical sites is not just about learning history; it’s about understanding how the past has shaped the present. It’s an interactive history lesson for your kids that goes beyond the confines of a classroom.

Activity 5: Wildlife Viewing 

A visit to the Smoky Mountains isn’t complete without a glimpse of its diverse and beautiful wildlife. This national park is home to various animals, from majestic elk to playful otters, black bears, and various birds. Designated viewing areas provide safe opportunities to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.

Encouraging your kids to watch and learn about these animals quietly is an invaluable lesson in conservation. It fosters respect and admiration for nature and its inhabitants. Plus, you never know when a deer might decide to cross your path or a bird might alight nearby, creating a thrilling moment of connection with the wild. Remember, in the Smoky Mountains, we’re guests in the home of these animals. So let’s enjoy their company while respecting their space.

Final Words

From the thrill of the Smoky Mountain Coaster to the serenity of nature trails, fun-filled picnics, historical site visits, and exciting wildlife encounters, the Smoky Mountains offer a treasure trove of family-friendly activities. These experiences promise fun and provide educational value, nurturing curiosity and respect for nature in young minds. So, don’t wait. 

Make your next family getaway a trip to the Smoky Mountains. Create memories, foster bonds, and give your kids a childhood filled with adventures, learning, and the unmatched beauty of nature. The Smoky Mountains are waiting, and they have many stories to share.

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