Who Are Maya Rudolph’s Parents?

Who Are Maya Rudolph'S Parents

Last Updated on April 23, 2024

The American actress and comedian Maya Rudolph is the daughter of the late singer Minnie Riperton and music producer Richard Rudolph. She has three siblings, two sisters named Marcia and Felicia, and a brother named Kenneth. Her mother was African-American, while her father is Ashkenazi Jewish.

Rudolph was raised in Los Angeles, California.

Maya Rudolph Family: Husband, Kids, Siblings, Parents

Maya Rudolph’s parents are the late soul singer Minnie Riperton and composer Richard Rudolph. Maya was born in 1972, just a year before her mother’s untimely death from breast cancer. She was raised in Los Angeles by her father and stepmother, actress Marilyn McCoo.

Maya has said that growing up surrounded by music played a big role in shaping her own identity. “I think being exposed to such strong women — my mom and my dad’s wife at the time, Marilyn McCoo — definitely made me want to be a performer,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. While she is undoubtedly proud of her famous parents, Maya has also said that she doesn’t like to focus on their legacy too much.

“It’s not something I ever dwell on because it would be overwhelming,” she told Marie Claire in 2012. “There are days when I’m like, ‘Oh, man, they were so cool.'” We can certainly see where Maya gets her talent from!

Her parents were both hugely successful in their respective fields and left a lasting legacy. We’re sure Maya feels lucky to have been exposed to such amazing role models growing up!

Richard Rudolph

Richard Rudolph (born April 26, 1953) is an American record producer, songwriter and musician. He is best known for his work with the Jackson 5, Jermaine Jackson, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. Rudolph was born in New York City and raised in the Bronx.

His father was a jazz trumpet player and his mother was a singer. He began playing the piano at the age of five and drums at the age of eight. He attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts where he played in the school orchestra.

After graduating from high school, he studied music at Queens College before embarking on a career in the music industry. In 1975, Rudolph met Michael Jackson while working as a session drummer for Quincy Jones on the album “Off The Wall”. The two became friends and began working together on various projects including Jackson’s first solo album, “Got to Be There” (1972), “Ben” (1972) and “Music & Me” (1973).

In 1977, they collaborated on Jackson’s breakthrough album “Thriller” which sold over 100 million copies worldwide and won eight Grammy Awards. Rudolph co-wrote several songs with Michael Jackson including “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” (1982), “Beat It” (1983), “Billie Jean” (1983) and “Leave Me Alone” (1987). He also produced several albums forJackson including “Bad” (1987) and “Dangerous” (1991).

In addition to his work with Michael Jackson, Rudolph has also worked with other artists such as Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Usher.

Who is Maya Rudolphs Father?

Maya Rudolph’s father is Richard Rudolph. He was a musician and producer, who worked with artists such as Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, and Bob Dylan. He also wrote songs for movies, including The Wiz and A Soldier’s Story.

Maya Rudolph was very close to her father and has said that he was a big influence on her career.

Who were Maya Rudolphs Parents?

Maya Rudolph’s parents are the late soul singer Minnie Riperton and composer Richard Rudolph. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1976 and died when Maya was just seven years old. Her father later remarried, and she has three half-siblings.

Maya credits her family for instilling a strong work ethic in her from a young age.

Who was Maya Rudolph’S Mother?

Maya Rudolph’s mother is the late Minnie Riperton, an iconic singer and songwriter best known for her 1974 hit “Lovin’ You.” Riperton was born in 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, and began her singing career as a teenager. She met her future husband, producer Richard Rudolph, while working on a project at Chess Records.

The couple married in 1970 and had three children together, including Maya. Sadly, Riperton passed away from breast cancer in 1979 at the age of 31.

Who is Maya Rudolph Related To?

Maya Rudolph is the daughter of singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton and musician Richard Rudolph. She has two siblings, Marc and Jennifer. Maya’s paternal grandfather, Otis Sallison Rudolph, was a Baptist minister from Louisiana.

Her paternal grandmother, Edna Mae Dicksinson, was a domestic worker from Virginia. Maya’s maternal grandfather, Daniel Webster Riperton Jr., was a sound engineer from Illinois. Her maternal grandmother, Thelma Inez Austin, was a gospel singer from Mississippi.


It is clear that Maya Rudolph’s parents are very important to her and have had a big influence on her life. They seem to be supportive and loving, and she is very lucky to have them in her life.

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