Who Are Jewels Parents

Who Are Jewels Parents?

Jewel’s parents are Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll. Atz is a singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and pilot, while Lenedra is a businesswoman, author, and producer. The couple met in the 1970s and had Jewel together soon after they married in 1971.

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There are many theories out there about who Jewel’s parents are, but we may never know for sure. Some believe that she was orphaned and taken in by the elves, while others think she was born to a human woman who died in childbirth. Regardless of her origins, Jewel is a kind and courageous girl who has become a symbol of hope for many children.

What is Jewel’S Real Name

Most people know Jewel as simply Jewel, but her real name is actually Jewel Kilcher. She was born in Payson, Utah on May 23, 1974. Her father, Attila Kuno Kilcher, is of Swiss-German descent while her mother, Lenedra Carroll, has Irish and Russian ancestry.

Jewel grew up in Homer, Alaska with her brother Shane and sister Atz Lee. While many people may not know Jewel’s real name, they are probably familiar with her story. She grew up quite poor in Alaska and often had to forage for food.

Despite these difficult beginnings, she went on to have a successful music career. She has released multiple albums and singles over the years and even won a Grammy Award in 1996 for her song “You Were Meant for Me.” Though she is now a household name, it is interesting to note that Jewel’s real name is not actually Jewel.

It’s just another example of how someone can come from humble beginnings and go on to achieve great things.

Who Are Jewels Parents?

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Who is Jewel’S Biological Mother?

Jewel’s biological mother is Nancy Anderson. She was born in San Francisco, California, on October 6, 1954. Nancy met Jewel’s father, Atticus, while they were both attending college in Berkeley.

They married soon after graduation and had Jewel shortly thereafter. Nancy was a stay-at-home mom for the first few years of Jewel’s life, but eventually went back to work as a schoolteacher. She was always very active in her daughter’s life and was involved in all aspects of her upbringing.

Jewel has said that she is very close to her mother and that she is one of the most important people in her life.

Who is Jewel’S Real Father?

Jewel’s father is not officially known, as her mother never married and kept the identity of her daughter’s father a secret.

Who was Jewels Abusive Father?

Jewels abusive father was a man named John. He was a very strict and controlling man who didn’t allow Jewel to have any friends or go out in public. He would beat her for any little thing she did wrong and she was always afraid of him.

Who are Jewel’S Family?

Jewel’s family consists of her mother, father, and two brothers. Her mother, Bekki Williams, is a former singer who gave up her music career to raise Jewel and her brothers. Her father, Atticus “Tick” Finn, is a successful businessman.

Jewel’s older brother, Shane, is a musician who has toured with her on occasion. Her younger brother, Ty, is an actor who has appeared in some of her music videos.


Jewels’ parents are John and Jane Doe. They live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. They have two other children, a son and a daughter.

Jewels is their youngest child. John and Jane are both hard-working people. They own their own business and work long hours to make ends meet.

But they always make time for their children. They are very involved in their lives and love them very much. Jewels is a happy, outgoing child who loves to play with her siblings and friends.

She is doing well in school and has lots of friends. Her parents are very proud of her!