15 Things Guys Hate To Hear From Their Girlfriend

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Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Emma White

Men are egoistic and we all know that. So, Girlfriends have always been a little wary of upsetting their boyfriends with what they say because everything affects them somehow.

It’s strange how women refer to this as ‘emotions’ getting hurt whereas men refer to this as their ‘ego’ getting bruised.

But all said and done, irrespective of how careful girlfriends try to be, the guy’s ego still gets bruised.

If you are such kind of a girlfriend, this post can help you by telling you the male hotspots and how you can avoid bruising their ego with your words. Here is a list of things guys hate to hear from their girlfriends:

15 Things Guys Hate To Hear From Their Girlfriend

My ex….

Do not start any sentences with these terrifying words. Talking about your ex-boyfriend once in a while is all right but constantly mentioning his name or things he used to do will only be instrumental in making him more insecure. Avoid mentioning your ex or his feats to your boyfriend to keep him happy and relaxed in the relationship.

Do you think I look look fat in this

Constantly asking your boyfriend this common question is not going to help you lose weight and after a point of time, you will stop getting an honest answer. This is one of the most rhetorical questions asked by a girl and even though a guy would feel privileged about getting to answer this question initially, after a point of time, this question will annoy him.

You remind me of my brother

Beep! Wrong statement! No guy who has shown even the slightest interest in you wants to apply for the position of a ‘brother’. Let’s get real. Guys are guys and they want to date girls, not remind them of their siblings.

How do I look?

Guys have a very simple mind and they cannot come up with different answers to this question everyday. Girls on the other hand never seem to get tired of asking this question and neither do they find any answer good enough. This makes the matter annoying and this question a dread to guys.

There’s something I need to tell you

Guys just fear this statement. It’s not that they don’t want to hear what their girlfriends have to say to them but this statement usually means very bad news. So, if there is something you need to tell him, skip this statement and share your story with him.

I didn’t like what your friend/family member did

He might be in love with you but his family/friends will always be his family/friend and hearing anything negative about them is not going to appease a guy’s ego. If you want to avoid unnecessary fights with him, don’t complain about his near and dear ones. Instead, show him how hard you are trying to fit in.

Stop watching the football game and…

If you want to remain his girlfriend, do not pick on his sports channels. He might start the biggest and scariest fight ever or he might end up buying another TV. Boy’s hate conversation during matches so that’s not going to be a good time to pick a fight.

Do you think I am prettier/hotter than her

This is the third question a girlfriend can ask about herself to her boyfriend and like the others, this will also make him give a very well thought out and completely dishonest answer. Boyfriends find it very irritating when their girlfriends ask such silly questions about themselves.

I missed my date

This statement speaks for itself. It’s like the ultimate bazooka to blast out any traces of normalcy in a guy. Many guys don’t like this question because they aren’t very serious about their girlfriends while many just don’t like the responsibilities.

You don’t value me enough

Haven’t we all heard that before? This sentence is a statement that tries to plead to every boyfriend’s emotions but owing to their defense mechanism (read: thick skin), it zooms by without causing much effect apart from angering the boyfriend even more. Guys hate hearing this because they value their girlfriends in their way and they want to be appreciated for that.

Why can’t you be more like him?

Irrespective of what you do, do not compare your boyfriend to some other guy, whoever it may be. Every guy prides in his individuality and the knowledge that his girlfriend wants him to be someone else is a huge blow to his male ego.

Let’s try to reinvent it

Men are all about pride and sex and both of them are interlinked in their world. Your desire to reinvent sex in the bedroom is like a punch to his libido and pride. So, whether you want to reinvent things in the bedroom to make it more fun or to bring some change into an otherwise boring routine, think of a better way to say it.

Stop boring me to death!

He does not want to be the most boring guy in your life. Heck! He probably wants to be a hero or a comedian. Even if the conversation is a bit dull, don’t be so blunt as to affect his self-esteem. Guys never want their girlfriends to think that they are boring.

Your stomach is so flabby and soft!

It might be cute for him but he doesn’t want to be the one with the belly. Even though guys like to pretend that they don’t care, they care a lot about how they look so avoid making such innocent comments.

Let’s get married

You might have been dating him for a long while but if he hasn’t asked you to marry him yet, that just means that he needs more time so just give it to him. Don’t push him into the engagement or marriage because your constant talk about marriage might invoke the commitment-phobic in him. Guys usually don’t like women talking about marriage.

This post is written by Avani Peterson.