Safe Drinking: How Many Drinks Are Too Many?

Safe Drinking How Many Drinks Are Too Many

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

Everyone has a soft limit for drinks that is completely different from the realistic hard limit. Knowing when to cut yourself off is a skill that takes a lot of self-control. That is why constant hangovers should lead to a very serious self-reflection about your drinking habits.

Defining The Problem

When drinking becomes a problem, people with SUD in Los Angeles becomes the target destination. It’s not always easy to define the problem, and the discovery has to be respected by the sufferer. The biggest mistake made with alcoholism is pushing the sufferer into acceptance before they’re ready. Sometimes hitting rock bottom multiple times is required before the realization of alcoholism sets in. This is a roller coaster of problems for everyone involved, but treatment will only be effective as the sufferer’s participation. That means until an alcoholic defines their problem, treatment is still one or two steps away.

At Home

One of the worst myths about alcohol is that only sad people drink alone. Nothing beats letting your favorite drink on rocks settle as you sip away at it. Read a book, watch television or mix it with any relaxing leisure activity. When that one drink to kick back becomes several, then that can be considered pushing the limit. This is often a problem when going through a pack of beer on your own. If the full pack is gone by bedtime, then that is definitely pushing the limit. Some people look at beer as the type of alcohol that ‘passes right through you’. Although there is a distinct difference between beer and wine, alcohol is still alcohol. Avoid the urge to enjoy the effects of the drink more than you enjoy its taste.

Out At the Bar

Bars are good at cutting a patron off when they reach the plastered level. But there is nothing stopping that patron from simply going to another bar and asking for a drink. You should never depend on the hard limits at a bar for gauging your drinking habits. This is why your own soft limit is the most important way to gauge alcohol consumption. If the barkeep is cutting you off, then that means you have blown right by that personal soft limit.

Around Friends

Drinking buddies are another reason why your own soft limit should always be in place. Drinking around friends sets a specific expectation about alcohol consumption. This expectation can be friendly, oppressive, stressful or even draining. To understand the logic behind these feelings, hang around your drinking buddies and hang onto a single drink for the entire night. Are they pressuring you to have more? If the answer is yes, then that means you are more than likely overindulging in alcohol while hanging out with friends. On the surface, this may seem like a small thing. But look closely at your alcohol consumption with friends, family and coworkers – there are more than enough clues to tell you when it is too much.

Control the Thirst

No matter how harmless it seems, a drink over your limit has lasting consequences. Read the room, listen to your body and always stay aware of the count. Drinking is meant to be fun, and should never cause you a lifetime of harm.

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