How Alcoholism Takes a Toll on Your Relationships

How Alcoholism Takes a Toll on Your Relationships

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

It is undeniable what alcohol use does to the human body over time. Liver damage, ulcers, and other problems potentially await you if you succumb to alcohol abuse or full-blown alcoholism.

However, what excessive drinking does to your relationships might be even worse.

Treatment for alcoholism is certainly available at clinics all across the country. Some problem drinkers might be reluctant to take the first steps toward getting help, though.

If the dangers to your health don’t convince you to seek treatment, then maybe considering what heavy drinking can do to your relationships will be what galvanizes you to take action. Let’s talk about that right now.  

What Heavy Drinking Does to Couples

If you’re in a committed relationship, part of that usually involves your spouse or partner being able to rely on you for certain things. They might need you to pick them up from work if you’re a single-car family.

If you drink and drive, you might get in an accident when you’re on your way to get them. That will probably make them both sad and furious. It’s just one example of how your partner or spouse can’t rely on you if you drink excessively every day.

You might say abusive things when you’re drunk. If you have a bad temper, you may yell at your spouse or partner or even strike them. These sorts of behaviors can poison a relationship.

What It Does to Your Professional Life

Drinking excessively can hurt you in your work life, too. You might come to work drunk. If so,

You may say something inappropriate to a coworker because your inhibitions are lowered.

That can get you fired or reprimanded, but even if it doesn’t, you will get a reputation at work that can follow you throughout your professional life. You may get passed over for promotions because your bosses will realize you’re not someone they can count on to be pragmatic and measured in your responses to crises or challenging workplace situations.

How Problem Drinking Damages Your Relationships with Your Friends

Your relationships with your friends can be damaged by drinking as well. You are just as inclined to say something inappropriate or hurtful to a friend when you’re drunk as you might to a partner or someone at work. Your friends may not like to hang out with you if you have been drinking heavily. They might note the changes in your personality and want to avoid you when you’ve been hitting the bottle.

There is virtually no relationship in your life that can’t suffer if you are in the habit of drinking excessively. Your relationships with your children, if you have any, can deteriorate. You may reach a point where you feel that alcohol is more important than your loved ones. That’s a sad state of affairs. You might be okay with it for a while, but you will almost always regret it at some point. That’s why you should seek treatment for alcoholism before it’s too late.

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