Are You Young And Don't Have Medical Insurance

Are You Young And Don’t Have Medical Insurance? 5 Reasons That Will Make You Rush To Get It

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Last Updated on August 8, 2023 by Emma White

Why waste that money on medical insurance? This is how we might have thought in our youthful prime, particularly when we enjoyed good health and haven’t faced major medical challenges.

In the eyes of many youngsters, health insurance policies may appear as an unwanted dent in their monthly budget, they would love to spend the premium towards it on a road trip, partying, or a gadget or they could even plan to afford a PS console if they accumulate the money for a few months.

As people grow, the maturity level in viewing life also grows. The tendency to view insurance as a means to maintain their well-being changes, and an understanding arrives to our mind that it is a rescue policy’.

The trend of health consciousness is increasing among the youth after the pandemic. Yet they are still shooed away from health insurance policies mostly because of the intricate jargon and myriad of options, that can make medical insurance an overwhelming and disconnected alien stuff from their current lifestyles. Nevertheless, with proper guidance and education, young individuals can grasp the significance of health insurance, recognizing its value in securing their financial future. It also ensures access to quality healthcare throughout their life.

Here are five reasons why youth should get their medical insurance policy right away,

Less burden on Parents:

In the early years, it is the duty and the responsibility of parents to raise their children. Once they grow up and start earning, they can be on their own to meet their expenses and reduce the burden on their parents. However, in case of medical emergencies, parents wouldn’t mind to spent their entire fortune to save their beloved ones. Still, why should the youth should put them on a cliffhanger, when they are well capable of securing their unforeseen medical expenses? Medical insurance makes it all possible. It offers peace of mind, knowing that their son/daughter has the necessary support and coverage for preventive care and unexpected medical emergencies. By alleviating their financial responsibility for healthcare expenses, you can allow your parents to focus on providing emotional and moral support to you.

Fearless attitude:

Youth are often fearless due to their sense of invincibility, a belief that nothing bad will happen to them. Their adventurous spirit and desire to explore new experiences can override fear, leading them to take risks and embrace challenges without dwelling on potential consequences. Nevertheless, life is not invincible. ‘Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years. Approximately 1.3 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes.’-says the UN Report Accident-prone youngsters need better preventive medical care; these accidents are not just limited to road accidents, as youth involve themselves in various high-risk sports and stunts. An unruly lifestyle also puts their life at risk with enough gadgets and unhealthy food habits. Their attitude may not adjust for advice, but they could well read the reality. Every risk needs protection, and medical insurance is the comprehensive security the youth can avail of with a few clicks.

Sense of responsibility:

Youth can develop a sense of responsibility by setting goals, taking ownership of their actions, and learning from mistakes. Engaging in community service, managing finances, and being accountable for their commitments can foster a greater sense of responsibility and maturity. Buying individual health insurance could be one of the acts to reel out your responsibility and announce that I am a grown-up now. You can see others seeing you in a new light when you show them that you are a responsible person, who sees the reality of life and getting prepared for everything, including an unforeseen medical emergency.

Early bird offers:

To entice young adults to invest in health insurance early on, and to encourage a proactive approach to healthcare amongst them, Insurance companies offer many early bird offers, which include Free Health Check-ups, Health Rewards, Flexible Coverage, Waived Waiting Periods, Family Discounts, Wellness Programs, No-Claim Bonuses, and last but not the least, Lower Premiums!

The Future:

The significance of youth lives to a nation cannot be understated, as they epitomize the nation’s future and serve as a catalyst for the advancement and creativity of society. Their potential and impact on education, economy, and societal progress shape the country’s trajectory and prosperity. Prioritizing their well-being, education, and opportunities paves the way for a promising and sustainable future for the entire nation. So, if you accept your role in contributing to society, you must protect yourselves from unfortunate medical emergencies that could go irrecoverable on a personal front as well as a social front. With many nations offering free health insurance to their youth community, many are still in the process. However, almost all the countries made health insurance for individuals accessible and affordable through public and private sector insurance companies.

So, Gen Z and Gen Alpha… what are you waiting for? Explore the world of health insurance for individuals now in an easy way.