Are Rafael Nadals Parents Divorced?

Are Rafael Nadals Parents Divorced
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Last Updated on July 19, 2023

No, Rafael Nadal’s parents are not divorced. They have been married since October 1971 and still live together in their hometown of Manacor, Mallorca.

No, Rafael Nadal’s parents are not divorced. They have been married for over 30 years and have always been supportive of their son’s career.

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Are Rafa Nadal’S Parents Still Together?

Rafa Nadal’s parents, Ana Maria Parera and Sebastian Nadal, are still together. They married in October of 1981, just a few months after Rafa was born. The couple has three other children: two daughters, Maria and Isabel, and a son, Miguel.

Rafa’s father Sebastian is a businessman who owns an insurance company, while his mother Ana Maria is a homemaker. Both of them have been very supportive of their son’s career from the beginning. In fact, it was Sebastian who first got Rafa interested in tennis when he took him to watch a match at the age of three.

Since then, the whole family has been involved in Rafa’s tennis career. His parents travel with him to most of his tournaments and can be seen cheering him on from the stands. They are also very close with his coach and uncle Toni Nadal.

It’s clear that Rafa Nadal’s parents have played a big role in his success both as athletes and as people.

When Did Nadal’S Parents Split?

Nadal’s parents, Ana Maria Parera and Sebastian Nadal, divorced when he was just a child. His father later remarried and had two more children with his new wife. Nadal has said that while the divorce was hard on him, it made him stronger in the long run.

Who are Rafael Nadals Parents?

Rafael Nadal is a professional tennis player who has been ranked as the No. 1 player in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He is widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all time. Nadal has won 19 Grand Slam singles titles, the second most in history behind only Roger Federer.

He has also won four Olympic gold medals, two Davis Cups, and 30 Masters 1000 titles. Nadal was born on June 3, 1986, in Manacor, Mallorca, Spain. His father’s name is Sebastián Nadal and his mother’s name is Ana María Parera.

Nadal has two sisters: María Isabel and Lara. His uncle, Miguel Ángel Nadal, is a former professional footballer who played for RCD Mallorca and FC Barcelona. Nadal’s parents owns a company that manufactures tennis rackets and other sports equipment.

They have also helped to fund the Rafa Nadal Academy, a tennis academy in Mallorca that opened in 2016.

Has Rafa Nadal And His Wife Had Their Baby Yet?

Rafa Nadal and his wife, Xisca Perelló, welcomed their first child together on October 29th. Their baby boy, named Rafael Nadal Jr., weighed in at 6 pounds and 13 ounces. Both mother and child are said to be doing well.

This is the first child for both Nadal and Perelló; the couple got married in October 2019 after being together for 14 years. They had originally planned to start a family earlier, but put it off due to Nadal’s busy tennis schedule. Now that he’s taking some time off from the sport (he recently announced he would not be playing any more tournaments this year), it seems they finally have the chance to start their family.

Congratulations to the happy parents!

Are Rafael Nadals Parents Divorced?


Rafael Nadal Mother

Rafael Nadal’s mother, Ana Maria Parera, is a businesswoman who owns a chain of pharmacies in Mallorca. She is also the director of a tennis academy founded by her husband, Sebastian Nadal. Rafa was born on June 3, 1986, in Mallorca, Spain.

He is the eldest child of Ana Maria and Sebastian Nadal. His uncle, Miguel Angel Nadal, is a professional footballer who played for FC Barcelona and RCD Mallorca. Rafa has two younger sisters: María Isabel (born 1996) and Paula (born 2005).

Rafa’s parents have been very supportive of his career since he was young. In an interview with The Times, Rafa said that “they have helped me so much to become what I am today.” “My father has always been there for me since I started playing tennis,” he said.


No, Rafael Nadal’s parents are not divorced. They have been married for over 40 years and are still together today.

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