8 Things To Do Before Giving Birth

8 Things To Do Before Giving Birth

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey filled with a unique blend of anticipation, excitement, and challenges. As you embark on this life-changing experience, you must ensure a smooth and comfortable transition into motherhood by thoroughly preparing for childbirth. Whether it is your first pregnancy or you are an experienced veteran, each pregnancy brings unique experiences and lessons. To ensure an effortless experience during this significant life event, it is crucial to consider various aspects of giving birth as early as possible and take necessary steps in preparation. This article explores eight essential things you should do before giving birth, providing valuable insights and advice to assist your journey.

Choose a healthcare provider

Selecting an experienced medical professional is vital to receiving top-quality care during your pregnancy and childbirth. Do research, find a healthcare provider you feel comfortable with, and ensure they have a proven track record in obstetrics and gynecology. Building a trusting relationship with your provider is essential, as they will guide you through this critical and transformative journey in your life.

Choosing the right healthcare provider can also significantly reduce the risk of birth injuries, which can have lifelong implications for both the child and the mother. Cerebral palsy is an example of a condition often caused by birth injuries; you can learn more about it at www.cerebralpalsyguide.com, a valuable resource for affected families. It’s worth noting that, as per CDC reports, every year, 7 out of every 1000 babies born in the US experience birth injuries, highlighting the importance of finding a skilled and experienced professional to minimize the risk of such complications.

These numbers demonstrate the crucial need for appropriate medical care during gestation, labor, and delivery and awareness and prevention efforts to decrease incidence rates for birth injuries.

Attend childbirth education classes

Attending childbirth education classes before giving birth can benefit expectant parents. These classes provide comprehensive information about childbirth, including what to expect during labor and delivery, pain management techniques, and postpartum care. This knowledge can help expectant parents to feel more informed, confident, and prepared for the birthing process.

It can also improve communication; you can learn how to express your preferences and concerns, ask questions, and work collaboratively with your healthcare team to ensure a safe and positive birth experience. The classes build a supportive network, which can be helpful for both the parents and their babies.

Prepare for labor and delivery

Preparing for labor and delivery is essential for expectant parents as it can help alleviate anxiety, increase confidence, and promote a positive birth experience. Engaging in relaxation methods such as deep breathing and meditation can help you to stay calm. Consider taking a parental yoga class. By planning for labor and delivery, expectant parents can feel more in control, reducing anxiety and ensuring a successful birth for themselves and their babies.

Create a birth plan. A birth plan can help you effectively communicate your preferences to healthcare providers and ensure your birth experience matches what you would like it to be – such as who will be present during labor and whether any special requests need to be met.

Build a support system 

Building a support system before giving birth is essential for expectant parents. Surround yourself with family and friends as it can provide emotional and practical support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after when the baby arrives. 

It can help reduce anxiety, provide practical and emotional support, and improve the birthing experience. Building a supportive network can also ease the stress accompanying caring for a newborn, which can be particularly challenging postpartum. By cultivating such an alliance, expectant parents can feel more assured about raising healthy babies in a positive and productive lifestyle for them and their infant.

Address any fears or concerns

Addressing any fears and concerns regarding childbirth is important for expectant parents, as it can help reduce anxiety and promote a positive birthing experience. Talk to your healthcare provider about any fears or concerns about childbirth so they can help you through them. Consider seeking therapy or counseling if worries and concerns about birth are causing significant distress.

Communicate with other parents who have experienced childbirth to gain insights and perspectives on what to expect. Visualization techniques can help create a positive birth experience and foster relaxation, alleviating fears or concerns about delivery and building confidence and self-efficacy in you and your partner.

Pack your hospital bag

Packing a hospital bag before birth ensures a comfortable and smooth hospital experience. Pack your hospital bag a few weeks ahead of your due date to provide everything you’ll need for your stay is included – such as clothing, toiletries, medication required during labor, going-home clothes, and blankets, as well as loose-fitting pajamas with loose arms/legs (like pajama robe and slippers!) Additionally, you should pack clothing that supports postpartum body adjustments. Also, include clothing that accommodates postpartum bodies during/postpartum recovery for postpartum body adjustments postpartum recovery after birth.

Bring books, magazines, and an entertainment device such as a tablet or laptop for self-amusement. Don’t forget your healthcare provider’s contact info, insurance cards, and medical documents. These will enable you to focus on recovery and bonding with your new baby without being preoccupied with what might have been left at home. 

Prepare for postpartum recovery

Preparing for postpartum recovery can help ensure a seamless and comfortable transition into parenthood. By stocking up on essentials like pads, ice packs, and pain relief medication to manage postpartum discomfort, and by creating freezer meals or ordering delivery services from meal delivery services: you’re guaranteeing nutritious yet satisfying meals without adding stress to your daily life.

Consider getting assistance from family and friends during those early weeks after giving birth. They can assist with household tasks, caring for other children, or providing emotional support. Ensure you adhere to your healthcare provider’s instructions regarding postpartum care, such as when to start exercising, care for incisions, and schedule follow-up appointments.

Plan for after the baby’s arrival

Consider arranging for help from family and friends, setting up a meal train, helping with the household chores, and preparing your home for the baby’s arrival. If you have other children, you must make childcare plans in the hospital and during the early weeks after the baby arrives. Your plans would include arranging for a babysitter, seeking assistance from a family member or friend, or hiring a professional nanny. If you’re employed, you’ll need to make plans for maternity leave and coordinate with your employer regarding your return to work. 

Decide who you want to visit you and the baby during those first weeks following its arrival. Your needs and comfort must come first, so only host visitors if it suits your needs and comfort level. All families differ, so plan following what works for yours.


As the journey towards childbirth unfolds, it’s essential to recognize the importance of preparation in navigating this life-changing event. A holistic approach that encompasses emotional, practical, and logistical aspects can ease the transition into parenthood. Remember that each step you take in preparation brings you closer to a smoother and more fulfilling childbirth experience. Trust yourself, rely on your support network, and embrace the adventure ahead with open arms.

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