Who Is Nyx Parents

Who Is Nyx Parents?

Nyx is the goddess of night and darkness. Her parents are unknown, but she is often associated with Chaos, the primordial god of all things.

Nyx, the goddess of the night, is one of the most enigmatic figures in Greek mythology. Her parentage is shrouded in mystery and her origins are unclear. Some say she was born from Chaos, while others claim she was born from Erebus and Nyx.

What we do know is that Nyx was a powerful goddess who had a hand in shaping the world as we know it. She gave birth to many other gods and goddesses, including Apollo and Helios. She also played a role in the creation of mortals, animals, and even plants.

Nyx was feared by many for her dark powers but she was also revered for her beauty and wisdom. She was often invoked by poets and thinkers who sought inspiration in the night. To this day, she remains an enigmatic figure whose true nature continues to fascinate us.

Nyx Goddess Story

Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night. She is a primordial deity, thought to have emerged from Chaos at the dawn of creation. Nyx is often depicted as a dark-winged creature, or simply as a woman draped in black.

Her role in mythology is largely associated with darkness and death. She is sometimes seen as a bringer of peace, but more often she is seen as a harbinger of doom. In Homer’s Odyssey, for example, it is Nyx who sends Achilles to his death by tricking him into killing his best friend Patroclus.

Nyx also plays an important role in Hesiod’s Theogony, where she gives birth to numerous other deities including Hypnos (Sleep), Thanatos (Death), Momus (Blame), and Moros (Doom). These offspring represent some of the darker aspects of human existence, and their mother Nyx embodies these forces as well.

Who Is Nyx Parents?

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Who is Nyx the Daughter Of?

Nyx is the daughter of Chaos, the primordial void. She is the personification of night and one of the first beings to come into existence. Nyx is often seen as a dark and ominous figure, but she can also be loving and nurturing.

She is a complex goddess who represents both light and darkness, life and death.

How is Nyx Related to Zeus?

Nyx is the Greek goddess of night and one of the primordial deities. She was born from Chaos, the void that existed before everything else. Nyx is often associated with darkness, sleep, and death.

Zeus, on the other hand, is the king of all gods and mortals in Greek mythology. He is also the god of thunder and lightning. Although Nyx and Zeus are different beings, they are related because Chaos gave birth to both of them.

Is Nyx the Mother of Gaia?

Nyx is the goddess of night in Greek mythology and is often associated with darkness and chaos. She is not, however, the mother of Gaia. That title belongs to Ouranos, who was her husband before he was cast out by their son Kronos.

Nyx does play a role in the creation myth, however. She is said to have given birth to several creatures that personify aspects of the night, including Hypnos (sleep), Thanatos (death), Moros (doom), Momus (blame), Oizys (pain), and Geras (old age).

Is Nyx the Mother of the Fates?

No, Nyx is not the mother of the fates. The fates are the daughters of Zeus and Themis.

The Children of Nyx and Erebus – WILD Greek Mythology Family Tree


Nyx’s parents are unknown, but she is often associated with the Greek god Erebus. She may also be related to Chaos, Nyx’s primordial form.