Who Is Esmes Parents On General Hospital

Who Is Esmes Parents On General Hospital?

Esmes parents on General Hospital are not currently known. She was born in Cuba and her mother died when she was young. Her father is also deceased.

She has a sister, Lulu, who is also a character on the show.

We all know that Esme is the daughter of Julian and Alex, but who are her grandparents on General Hospital? Here’s a look at Esme’s family tree. Esme’s paternal grandparents are mob boss Tony Jones and his wife Lily.

Tony was killed by Sonny Corinthos years ago, but Lily is still very much alive and well. She currently lives in Port Charles with her grandson, Morgan Corinthos. Esme’s maternal grandfather is Dr. Steven Lars Webber.

He is currently living in Seattle with his wife, Olivia Quartermaine. Steven was previously married to Audrey Hardy, who passed away several years ago. So there you have it – Esme’s parents on General Hospital!

Esme’s biological mother’s identity revealed ABC General Hospital Spoilers

Is Britt Esme’S Mother

No, Britt Esme’s mother is not .

Who Is Esmes Parents On General Hospital?

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Who was Esme’S Mother on General Hospital?

Esme’s mother on General Hospital was a character named Celia Quartermaine. She was portrayed by the actress Lynn Herring from 1992 to 1995. Celia was married to Edward Quartermaine and had two children with him, Alan and Esme.

She also had an affair with A.J. Quartermaine, which led to her divorce from Edward. After her divorce, Celia moved to Europe with Esme. She eventually returned to Port Charles and remarried A.J., but they later divorced again.

Celia then left town with Esme once more.

Who is Esme Prince Father on General Hospital?

If you watch General Hospital, then you know Esme Prince is a bit of a mystery. She showed up in Port Charles out of the blue and has been stirring up trouble ever since. While we don’t know much about her past, we do know that she has a close relationship with her father.

But who is he? As it turns out, Esme’s father is none other than Cesar Faison, one of the most notorious villains in GH history. He’s known for being manipulative and dangerous, and he’s been a thorn in the side of our heroes for years.

Recently, he was revealed to be behind many of the recent troubles in Port Charles, including creating an identical copy of Jason Morgan. While Cesar may be Esme’s biological father, she considers Sonny Corinthos to be her true dad. Sonny has always treated her with kindness and love, even when she was causing trouble.

He’s always been there for her, and she knows that he’ll always have her back – no matter what. So while Cesar Faison may be Esme’s father by blood, Sonny Corinthos will always be her daddy in her heart.

Who is Esme’S Parents?

In the Twilight series, Esme is the wife of Carlisle Cullen and the adoptive mother of Edward, Emmett and Alice Cullen, as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale. She is over 100 years old, but appears to be in her late twenties or early thirties. Esme has a special ability to sense and soothe people’s emotions.

We don’t know much about Esme’s parents or background. We know that she was born sometime in the mid-to-late 1800s, likely in America (though this is never confirmed). She had a happy childhood until she reached adulthood, when she fell in love with a man named Charles Evenson.

The two were engaged to be married, but Unfortunately, Charles was killed in a hunting accident just days before the wedding. Esme was absolutely devastated by Charles’s death. She became withdrawn and depressed, and even contemplated suicide.

It was only through meeting Carlisle Cullen that she began to feel better again. Carlisle saved her life by turning her into a vampire, and the two have been together ever since.

Is Esme on Gh Related to Ryan?

No, Esme on GH is not related to Ryan.


Esmé’s parents on General Hospital are unknown, but she was raised by her grandmother, Olivia Falconeri. Esmé is a strong and independent woman who has been through a lot in her life. She is a doctor at General Hospital and is currently in a relationship with Dante Falconeri.