Who Is Esme'S Parents On General Hospital

Who Is Esme’S Parents On General Hospital?

The character Esme’s parents on General Hospital have not been revealed.

If you’re a fan of General Hospital, then you know that Esme is one of the most important characters on the show. But who are her parents? Well, we don’t actually know for sure.

Esme was introduced as a patient at GH’s psychiatric ward back in 2009. She was later revealed to be Josslyn’s ( Carly and Sonny’s daughter) imaginary friend. So, while we don’t know who her parents are on the show, it’s safe to say that she doesn’t have any real ones.

That being said, she does have a close relationship with Josslyn and has even referred to her as her “daughter” on occasion. So there you have it! Even though we don’t know much about Esme’s background, she is still an important part of GH and we love her just the same.

Who Is Esme'S Parents On General Hospital?

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Who is Esme Prince’S Mother on Gh?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the character of Esme Prince has never been fully developed on General Hospital. However, based on what information has been provided about her on the show, it is safe to say that Esme’s mother is likely a woman named Helena Cassadine. Helena is a wealthy businesswoman and socialite who has been mentioned in connection with Esme on several occasions.

It was Helena who arranged for Esme to have her debutante ball at the Cassadine estate, and she also seems to be very protective of her daughter. Based on these clues, it seems likely that Helena is indeed Esme’s mother. However, since the character of Helena has never been seen on-screen, this is by no means certain.

It is possible that she could be another relative or even a family friend. Until GH provides more information about Esme and her background, we won’t know for sure who her mother really is.

Is Heather Webber Esme’S Mother?

On the soap opera General Hospital, Heather Webber is not Esme’s mother. Esme was born to two different women on the show – first her biological mother, Celia Quartermaine, and then her adoptive mother, Skye Quartermaine. Heather Webber does have a son named Steve Hardy, but he is not related to Esme in any way.

Who is Esme’S Biological Father on General Hospital?

The character of Esme on the ABC soap opera General Hospital is a bit of a mystery. She was introduced in 2019 as the daughter of Dr. Liesl Obrecht and her husband, Franco Baldwin. However, it was later revealed that Esme is actually Franco’s biological daughter, which led to some tension between the two families.

This revelation came as a bit of a shock to viewers, as it seemed to come out of nowhere. However, there are some clues that were planted throughout Esme’s storyline that hint at her true parentage. For example, she always seemed more comfortable around Franco than she did with Liesl.

Additionally, she shares many physical similarities with Franco (including their blue eyes), while bearing very little resemblance to Liesl. It’s still unclear why Liesl kept this secret from both Franco and Esme for so long, but it’s likely that she had her reasons. In any case, the truth is finally out and both families are learning how to deal with this new development.

It should be interesting to see how things play out for everyone involved in the coming weeks and months!

Who is Esme’S Baby’S Father?

In the Twilight series, Esme’s baby’s father is Carlisle Cullen. He is a vampire who turned Esme when she was dying of grief after her entire family was killed in a house fire.

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It’s still unclear who Esme’s parents are on General Hospital. Some fans think she may be related to Valentin, while others think she could be connected to the Cassadines. Only time will tell for sure!