Who Is Anna Delvey Parents

Who Is Anna Delvey Parents?

Anna Delvey is the pseudonym of Anna Sorokin, a Russian-born con artist who posed as a wealthy German heiress in New York City. She was convicted of grand larceny and other charges in 2019. Her parents are unknown; she has said that her father is dead and her mother is in a mental institution in Russia.

Anna Delvey is the pseudonym of Anna Sorokin, a Russian-born “con artist” who posed as a German heiress and defrauded individuals, banks, hotels, and fashion magazines. She was born in Russia to working class parents and immigrated to Germany with her family at the age of four. In Germany, she attended an international school before eventually moving to New York City in 2013.

Delvey’s con began to unravel in 2017 when she was unable to pay for a $62,000 hotel bill. She was arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand larceny and fraud. In 2019, she was convicted of most charges against her and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison.

While it is unclear exactly how much money Delvey actually scammed from her victims, it is estimated that she bilked individuals and businesses out of approximately $275,000.

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Are Anna Delvey Parents Rich

Anna Delvey is one of the most talked-about socialites in recent memory. The German-born, Russian-raised woman made headlines for allegedly conning her way into New York’s elite social scene. But while her story is fascinating, what’s even more interesting is her background.

So, are Anna Delvey’s parents rich? The short answer is yes, Anna Delvey’s parents are quite wealthy. Her father, Andrey Shlyafkov, is a successful businessman who has been involved in a number of different ventures.

He is also the owner of an upscale apartment in Moscow and has a net worth that has been estimated to be around $50 million. Meanwhile, Anna’s mother, Tatiana Shlyafkova, comes from a family with a long history of wealth and privilege. She too is quite wealthy, with an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Of course, it should be noted that these estimates are just that – estimates. It’s possible that the true numbers are higher or lower than what has been reported. However, there is no doubt that Anna Delvey comes from a very well-off background.

Her parents’ wealth certainly played a role in her ability to live the high life in New York City – at least for awhile.

Who Is Anna Delvey Parents?

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Who are Anna Sorokin’S Parents?

Anna Sorokin’s parents are both Russian immigrants who came to the United States in the 1970s. Her father, Vladimir, is a physicist, and her mother, Irina, is a homemaker. Anna has two younger brothers, one of whom is also a physicist.

The family lived in New York City for several years before moving to Massachusetts when Anna was ten. Both of her parents have been very supportive of her career choices and have encouraged her creativity from an early age. It is clear that they are proud of their daughter’s accomplishments and continue to be an important part of her life.

Does Anna Delvey Have Parents?

Yes, Anna Delvey has parents. Her father is a German businessman named Alexander von Mecklenburg-Schwerin and her mother is a Russian socialite named TatianaDelvey. Both of Anna’s parents come from wealthy families and have an extensive history in high society.

Anna was raised between Moscow, Germany, and New York City, giving her a unique perspective on the world. Though she was born into privilege, Anna has said that she doesn’t feel like she owes anything to her parents because they didn’t give her any financial help when she started out on her own.

Where Did Anna Sorokin Get Her Money From?

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, is a Russian-born con artist who posed as a German heiress and scammed her way through the New York City socialite scene. She was exposed in 2019 and is currently serving a 4 to 12 year prison sentence. So where did Anna Sorokin get her money from?

Most of it came from other people. She scammed friends, banks, hotels, and anyone else she could think of. She also stole money from a friend’s trust fund.

In total, she managed to steal over $200,000. Interestingly enough, Anna Sorokin didn’t always come from money. Her family was actually quite poor when she was growing up in Russia.

It wasn’t until she moved to Germany and started posing as an heiress that she began amassing her fortune – all through deception and lies.

Were Anna Delvey Parents Rich?

No definitive answer exists, but several reports suggest that Anna Delvey’s parents were not wealthy. One report indicates that her father was a civil servant in Russia, while another says he was an engineer. Her mother is said to have been a housewife.

These reports are unconfirmed, however, and it is possible that Delvey’s parents had some wealth that has not been publicly reported.


Anna Delvey, real name Anna Sorokin, is a Russian-born con artist who posed as a wealthy German heiress and scammed New York’s social elite out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She was eventually caught and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison. Delvey was born in Russia in 1991 and moved to Germany with her family when she was six.

She grew up in a small town outside of Frankfurt and attended an international school. After graduating from high school, she moved to Paris to study fashion at Parsons School of Design. But she only lasted one semester before dropping out and moving to New York City in 2013.

In New York, Delvey quickly became known for her lavish lifestyle, throwing parties at expensive nightclubs and hotels and always being surrounded by A-list celebrities. She would often tell people that she was a member of the European jet set or that her parents were wealthy German investors. None of it was true, but it didn’t matter because Delvey had the money to back up her lies.

For two years, Delvey scammed her way through the New York social scene, racking up huge bills that she had no intention of paying. Eventually, her scheme began to unravel and she was arrested in October 2017. In April 2019, she was found guilty on multiple counts of grand larceny and fraud and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison.