Who Are Mariah Careys Parents

Who Are Mariah Careys Parents?

Mariah Carey’s mother is Patricia Carey, a former opera singer and vocal coach. Her father, Alfred Roy Carey, was an aeronautical engineer.

Mariah Carey’s parents are Patricia and Alfred Carey. Patricia is of Irish descent, while Alfred is African-American. Both of Mariah’s parents were born in New York City.

Her mother worked as a voice coach and opera singer, while her father was an engineer. Mariah has three siblings: two older sisters named Alison and Lisa, and a younger brother named Michael. Mariah’s parents divorced when she was three years old, and she was raised by her mother in Huntington, Long Island.

She had a close relationship with her father, who died in 2002. Mariah Carey has said that her upbringing was “a little bit different” than most people’s. She was exposed to music at a young age, and began singing and writing songs when she was just five years old.

She attended performing arts schools growing up, and later studied cosmetology while attending community college. After dropping out of college, Carey moved to New York City to pursue a career in music. Carey’s debut album came out in 1990, and she quickly rose to fame with hits like “Vision of Love” and “I Don’t Wanna Cry.”

She has since released thirteen studio albums, selling over 200 million records worldwide. She is one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, and has won five Grammy Awards.

Who Are Mariah Careys Parents?

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What Happened to Mariah Carey’S Parents?

Mariah Carey’s parents, Patricia and Alfred, divorced when she was three. Her mother then married Walter Davis, but he died of a heart attack when Mariah was just ten. Her father remarried later on and had two more children with his new wife.

Growing up, Mariah saw her father infrequently and didn’t have a close relationship with him. As an adult, she has said that she doesn’t really know him well.

Who Raised Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey was raised by her mother, Patricia Carey. Patricia was a former opera singer and Mariah’s father, Alfred Roy Carey, was an engineer. Both of Mariah’s parents had strong musical backgrounds and she grew up surrounded by music.

Her mother encouraged her to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer and helped her develop her vocal skills. Mariah has said that she would not be the successful artist she is today without the support of her family.

What Happened between Mariah Carey And Her Mother?

In the early 1990s, Mariah Carey’s relationship with her mother, Patricia, was strained. Patricia had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was receiving treatment, but the pair were not on speaking terms. In 1993, Carey arranged for her mother to move into an apartment near her own in New York City, in an effort to repair their relationship.

The following year, Patricia underwent a double mastectomy. Carey has said that her experience with her mother’s illness made her more compassionate and inspired her song “Make It Happen”. In 2001, she founded the Fresh Air Fund’s Camp Mariah, a getaway for inner-city children from New York City.

Who is Mariah Carey’S Mum And Dad?

Mariah Carey’s mother is Patricia Carey, a former opera singer and voice coach. Her father is Alfred Roy Carey, an aeronautical engineer. Mariah was raised in an interracial household; her mother is African-American and her father is of Venezuelan descent.

Mariah Carey Parents

Mariah Carey Parents Ethnicity

Mariah Carey’s parents are of African-American and Venezuelan descent. Her father, Alfred Roy Carey, was a Puerto Rican who served in the U.S. Army during World War II and her mother, Patricia Ann (Hickey), is an African-American from New York City.


Mariah Carey’s parents are Patricia Carey and Alfred Roy Carey. Patricia is of Irish descent, while Alfred is African American. Mariah was raised in a strict household, with her mother working as a opera singer and her father as an aeronautical engineer.

Despite their different backgrounds, the couple were very much in love and supportive of each other’s careers. They divorced when Mariah was three years old, but remained close friends until Alfred’s death in 2002.