Who Are Alicia Keys Parents

Who Are Alicia Keys Parents?

Alicia Keys is the daughter of Teresa Augello and Craig Cook. Teresa was a paralegal and later a part-time actress, while Craig was a flight attendant. Alicia has two older half-brothers, Clay Augello and Cole Cook.

Alicia Keys is an American singer, songwriter, music producer, and pianist. She was born in 1981 in New York City to Terria Joseph and Craig Cook. Her mother is African-American and her father is of Irish and Italian descent.

Alicia has two older brothers, Clay and Dane. Keys began playing the piano at age seven and attended Professional Performing Arts School. At sixteen, she signed a recording contract with Columbia Records.

Her debut album, Songs in A Minor, was released in 2001 and sold over twelve million copies worldwide. The album earned Keys five Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist and Best R&B Album. Keys’ second album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, was released in 2003 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

The album sold over eight million copies worldwide and earned Keys three more Grammy Awards. In 2007, Keys released her third studio album As I Am which also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over six million copies worldwide. The album’s lead single “No One” became her fourth number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Keys has appeared in several films throughout her career including Smokin’ Aces (2006), The Nanny Diaries (2007),and most recently Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016). She has also made guest appearances on television shows such as Empire (2015) and Saturday Night Live (2004).

Who Are Alicia Keys Parents?

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Who is Alicia Keys Biological Father?

Alicia Keys’ biological father is Craig Cook. He was a part-time musician and stockbroker when he met Alicia’s mother, Terria Joseph. The couple had a brief relationship and split up before Alicia was born.

Alicia was raised by her mother in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Craig Cook has not been a part of Alicia’s life, but she has said that she is “open to the idea” of meeting him someday.

Does Alicia Keys Have a Relationship With Her Father?

Alicia Keys has a complicated relationship with her father. She was raised by her mother, who was also a single parent. Her father wasn’t present in her life growing up, but she has said that she’s grateful for the role he played in her life.

Is Alicia Keys Mom And Dad?

As far as we can tell, Alicia Keys does not have a mom and dad. She was raised by her grandparents in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. Her father, Craig Cook, was a drug addict and her mother, Terria Joseph, died when Alicia was just two years old.

Are Alicia Keys Parents Still Married?

Yes, Alicia Keys’ parents are still married. They met in high school and have been married for over 30 years.

Alicia Keys’ parents and siblings


Alicia Keys is a very successful musician, but many people don’t know much about her background. Alicia’s parents are both African-American and she was raised in the projects in New York City. Despite their humble beginnings, Alicia’s parents instilled a strong work ethic and sense of determination in her from a young age.

These values have obviously served her well, as she has gone on to achieve great things in her career. It just goes to show that no matter where you come from, you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it!