Where Was About My Father Filmed

Where Was About My Father Filmed?

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“About My Father” was filmed predominantly in Mobile, Alabama, with recognizable locations throughout the city. The film stars Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro and showcases the vibrant backdrop of Mobile and its surrounding areas.

It is a lighthearted comedy that revolves around Sebastian’s relationship with his immigrant hairdresser father and his proposal to his girlfriend during a Fourth of July celebration in Virginia. While the plot of the film is fictional, Maniscalco’s real-life relationship with his father, portrayed by De Niro, lends an authentic touch to the story.

“About My Father” was shot entirely in Alabama, specifically in Mobile and Loxley, over the course of approximately one month.

Filming Locations In Mobile, Alabama

“About My Father,” a comedy film starring Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro, was primarily filmed in Mobile, Alabama. Throughout the movie, viewers may recognize several locations in the area, showcasing the beauty of Mobile as a filming destination.

Mobile Chosen As Primary Filming Location

When it comes to the filming locations of the movie “About My Father,” Mobile, Alabama takes the spotlight as the primary setting. This beautiful city was chosen for its unique charm and diverse range of visual backdrops that perfectly complement the story being told.

Recognizable Locations In The Film

Throughout “About My Father,” keen-eyed viewers may recognize several iconic locations in Mobile, Alabama. The filmmakers made sure to capture the essence of the city by featuring recognizable spots that locals and visitors would instantly connect with. From bustling downtown streets to picturesque waterfronts, the film showcases the rich tapestry of Mobile’s landscapes.

Some of the notable locations that make an appearance in “About My Father” include:

  • The historic Mobile Convention Center, known for its grandeur and offering stunning views of the Mobile River.
  • The charming neighborhood of Oakleigh, with its well-preserved antebellum homes and beautiful oak trees that line the streets.
  • The vibrant Bienville Square, where the characters of the film often gather, showcasing the heart of downtown Mobile.

Importance Of Mobile In The Movie

The choice to film “About My Father” in Mobile, Alabama was deliberate and crucial to the overall story. Mobile’s rich history and diverse culture serve as a backdrop that enhances the narrative and adds depth to the characters’ experiences.

By setting the film in Mobile, the filmmakers were able to highlight the unique blend of Southern charm and modern development that exists in the city. The locations chosen not only visually capture the essence of Mobile but also provide a sense of authenticity that is vital for the story to resonate with viewers.

Moreover, filming in Mobile allowed the production to tap into the local talent pool, with residents having the opportunity to work on a major Hollywood production. This not only benefits the local economy but also fosters a sense of pride and excitement within the community.

Mobile, Alabama serves as the perfect backdrop for the movie “About My Father,” with its recognizable locations and unique blend of culture and history playing a significant role in bringing the story to life.

Other Filming Locations In Baldwin County

Baldwin County, Alabama, served as one of the primary filming locations for the movie “About My Father.” While the majority of the film was filmed in Mobile, fans of the movie may be excited to know that some scenes were shot in the charming towns of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Let’s explore these beautiful locations and their role in the movie!

Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores, located in Baldwin County, offers breathtaking scenery with its pristine white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. It is no wonder why the filmmakers chose this picturesque location for some of the scenes in “About My Father.” Imagine watching Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro’s comedic chemistry unfold against the backdrop of this idyllic coastal town.

Orange Beach

Just a stone’s throw away from Gulf Shores, Orange Beach is another stunning filming location in Baldwin County. Known for its charming coastal vibe and vibrant community, Orange Beach provided the perfect setting for certain scenes in the movie. Picture the characters strolling along the waterfront, immersing themselves in the vibrant local culture, and sharing laughter amidst the coastal breeze.

Previous Films Shot In The Area

Baldwin County has been no stranger to the glitz and glamour of the film industry. Over the years, the area has played host to various Hollywood productions, solidifying its reputation as a popular filming destination. Some notable films that have graced the shores of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach include “My Father the Hero” and many more.

Role Of Baldwin County In The Movie

Baldwin County played a significant role in “About My Father,” providing not only stunning visuals but also a unique Southern charm that added depth to the film’s narrative. The filmmakers carefully selected specific locations in Baldwin County to capture the essence of the story and its characters. The warm hospitality and natural beauty of the area undoubtedly influenced the overall tone of the movie.

Baldwin County, Alabama, has proven to be a captivating filming destination, with Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offering their own distinct charm to the movie “About My Father.” Whether you are a fan of the film or simply fascinated by the allure of these coastal towns, exploring the filming locations adds an extra layer of appreciation for the movie’s storytelling. So pack your bags, immerse yourself in the beauty of Baldwin County, and relive the magic of “About My Father”!

Entirety Of The Film Filmed In Alabama

The movie ‘About My Father’ was filmed entirely in Alabama, with a major focus on the cities of Mobile and Loxley. The filming process took place over the course of approximately one month, capturing the picturesque landscapes and vibrant atmosphere of these Alabama locations.

Focus On Mobile And Loxley

The city of Mobile played a significant role in the filming of ‘About My Father’. With its historic buildings, charming neighborhoods, and beautiful waterfront, Mobile provided the perfect backdrop for many scenes in the movie. Additionally, the city of Loxley, located just north of Mobile, was also prominently featured in the film. Its small-town charm and scenic surroundings added a unique flavor to the story.

Duration Of The Filming Process

The filming process for ‘About My Father’ took approximately one month to complete. During this time, the cast and crew immersed themselves in the Alabama locations, capturing the essence of the story and bringing it to life on the big screen.

Significance Of Alabama In The Movie

Alabama holds great significance in the movie ‘About My Father’. The state’s beautiful landscapes, historic architecture, and warm hospitality helped create an authentic and engaging setting for the story. By choosing to film in Alabama, the filmmakers were able to showcase its unique charm and highlight the state’s cultural richness in a way that adds depth and authenticity to the movie.

Where Was About My Father Filmed?

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Frequently Asked Questions On Where Was About My Father Filmed?

Where Is About My Father Supposed To Take Place?

“About My Father” is supposed to take place in Mobile and Loxley, Alabama. The film was largely shot in these locations, capturing the essence of the area.

Where Was The Film The Father Filmed?

“The film The Father was primarily filmed in Mobile, Alabama, with some scenes shot in Baldwin County. “

How Much Of About My Father Is Real?

About My Father is a comedy film, and while much of the plot is fictional, the relationship between Sebastian Maniscalco and his father portrayed by Robert De Niro is accurate. The film was largely shot in Mobile and Baldwin counties in Alabama.

What Hotel Was My Father The Hero Filmed At?

“About My Father” was filmed at various locations in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Alabama, including the city of Mobile and the town of Loxley.

Where Was The Film “about My Father” Filmed?

The film “About My Father” was mainly filmed in Mobile, Alabama, with some scenes also shot in Baldwin County.

Where Is The Supposed Setting Of “about My Father”?

In “About My Father,” the main character, Sebastian Maniscalco, plans to propose to his girlfriend during her wealthy family’s annual Fourth of July celebration in Virginia.


In the heartwarming film, “About My Father,” viewers are taken on a journey through the charming locations of Mobile and Loxley, Alabama. With a star-studded cast including Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro, the film captures the essence of family and cultural bonds.

As the story unfolds, audiences will be captivated by the authenticity and relatability of the characters’ relationships. So, if you’re wondering where “About My Father” was filmed, look no further than the picturesque settings of Mobile and Loxley.