What Do Baby Killdeer Eat

What Do Baby Killdeer Eat?

Like all birds, baby killdeer need to eat a variety of foods to survive. Their diet consists mostly of insects, but they will also eat small reptiles, mammals, and berries. Baby killdeer have a voracious appetite and will often eat several times their body weight in a day.

In the wild, they typically hunt for food on the ground, using their sharp beaks to peck at their prey.

If you’re lucky enough to spot a baby killdeer, you might be wondering what these little creatures eat. Baby killdeer are actually pretty good at foraging for themselves and will mostly eat insects. This includes things like beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and even ants.

Occasionally, they will also eat some plant material like berries or seeds. As they get older and grow into adults, their diet changes slightly and they will start to eat more small reptiles and amphibians. But no matter what stage of life they are in, killdeer are always on the lookout for a tasty meal!

Baby Killdeer Running

A baby killdeer running is a beautiful thing to behold. The tiny bird is so full of energy and life, it’s hard not to smile when you see one. Killdeer are shorebirds, meaning they spend most of their time on the ground near water sources.

They are excellent runners and can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour! When they are running, their long legs help them cover a lot of ground quickly. Baby killdeer have a lot to learn in a short amount of time.

They must figure out how to find food and shelter, avoid predators, and stay safe while they are growing up. But they are built for survival and with a little help from their parents, they will be just fine.

What Do Baby Killdeer Eat?

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Do Killdeer Feed Their Babies?

Yes, killdeer do feed their babies. The mother will hunt for food and bring it back to the nest for the chicks. She will also teach them how to find food on their own.

Once they are old enough to fend for themselves, the parents will stop feeding them.

Can You Touch a Baby Killdeer?

Yes, you can touch a baby Killdeer. However, it is best to avoid touching them as they are still wild animals. If you must touch a baby Killdeer, use gloves or a cloth to pick them up.

Can You Keep a Killdeer As a Pet?

No, you cannot keep a Killdeer as a pet. The Killdeer is a protected species and it is illegal to possess one without a permit. Even if you were able to obtain a permit, the bird would not do well in captivity.

How Long Do Baby Killdeer Stay With Parents?

According to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, baby Killdeer typically stay with their parents for around 24 days before they are ready to fend for themselves. During this time, the young birds learn essential survival skills like how to find food and shelter, as well as how to avoid predators. Once they are on their own, Killdeer can live for up to 10 years in the wild.

How to feed and take care of baby killdeer


While most people are familiar with the common killdeer, fewer know about the baby killdeer. Baby killdeer are born without any feathers and are unable to fly or see. Their only defense is their loud cries, which warn predators of their presence.

So, what do these helpless creatures eat? For the first few days of their lives, baby killdeer rely on their yolk sac for nourishment. After that, they begin to eat small insects like ants and beetles.

As they grow older, they graduate to larger prey items like crickets and grasshoppers. By the time they reach adulthood, their diet consists mostly of invertebrates like worms, snails, and spiders.