How Old Is Polo G Mother

How Old Is Polo G Mother?

Polo G’s mother is named Olivia Capone and she is 42 years old.

We all know that Polo G is a successful rapper, but not much is known about his personal life. One thing we do know is that he has a close relationship with his mother. So, how old is Polo G’s mother?

Polo G’s mother is actually only 36 years old. She was only 18 when she had him, which makes her quite young to be a mom. Despite her young age, she has been a great support system for Polo G throughout his life and career.

It’s clear that Polo G cares deeply for his mother and credits her for much of his success. In an interview, he once said, “My momma is my everything… She made so many sacrifices for me and my brothers; I just want to make her proud.” We’re sure she is proud of him and everything he has accomplished!


How Old is Polo G Sister

Polo G’s sister, Jaliyah, is 14 years old. She was born on October 8, 2004. Polo G often talks about how much he loves and looks up to his sister in his music.

In the song “Familia”, he even dedicated a verse to her: “My sister told me that I should never quit She said no matter how hard it get

Remember where you came from and who you are And don’t let nobody ever take your joy.”

It’s clear that Polo G cares deeply for his little sister and wants nothing but the best for her. He is definitely a great big brother!

How Old Is Polo G Mother?


Who is Polo G Mom?

Polo G’s mom is Angela Steppe. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised Polo G since he was a young child. Angela has always been supportive of her son’s music career and has helped him to pursue his dreams.

She is also very active on social media, often sharing photos and videos of her son’s performances and achievements.

Who are Polo G Parents?

Polo G is an American rapper and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. His real name is Taurus Bartlett. He was born on January 6, 1999, and his parents are both African-American.

Polo G grew up in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. He attended Paul Robeson High School. Polo G began making music in 2016 with his friend Lil Tjay.

They released their first song together called “First Day Out”. In 2018, Polo G released his debut album called Die a Legend. The album peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 chart.

It includes the singles “Finer Things”, “Pop Out”, and “Battle Cry”. In 2019, he was featured on the single “Racks in the Middle” by Nipsey Hussle and Roddy Ricch. The single won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.

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Does Polo G Have 2 Kids?

Polo G is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is signed to Columbia Records and his debut album, Die a Legend, was released in June 2019. His second album, The Goat, was released in May 2020.

Polo G has two children with his girlfriend, Kayla Bynum. His first child, a daughter named Kaliyah, was born in 2018. His second child, a son named Khari, was born in 2020.


According to Polo G’s mother, she is around the same age as her son. She doesn’t seem to be too far off from him in terms of age, which is likely why they have such a good relationship.